Sunday, September 13, 2020

Pandora's box...

I'm old enough to remember a time when we worked feverishly to demand rules and regulations for things like, clean air, clean water, voting rights and equality.

We made great strides and great mistakes and learned from them all.

We cherished the strides and eventually somewhere down the line we tried to correct the mistakes.

Most things in life can be corrected.

Then there are the things that can not be undone.

I hear people say, yes we have fallen off a proverbial cliff in the last 4 years, but the union is strong and it will survive.

I'm not so sure anymore.

I fear we have opened Pandora's Box and there is no going back.

I fear we didn't close the box in time and all those little evils have escaped.

We are now faced with the consequences.

The dye is cast.

The genie is out of the bottle

and there is no putting Humpty Dumpty back together again.

No matter who wins in November, it will be years before order can be restored and some kind of normal can return.

And that's only if we are very lucky and extremely vigilant.

Donald Trumps MAGA hats will become just a cruel irony as we struggle to;

"Make America Great Again"...

I wonder, are we up to the task?

Have a peaceful Sunday...

Noodle and crew

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  1. Mee-yow wow Noodle Cat yore post iss spor-on!! All tho' wee inn Catnada wee wurry 'bout our American frendss!!
    Yoren rite no mattur who winss inn Novemburr; there iss so much werk todo an so many miss-takess to fix! Add all THE Wildfiress an entire townss burned to tHE ground..who will help all those 1,000'ss of peepell to ree-build?!?!?
    Pnadora'ss Box iss best closed butt has bin ripped open...
    LadyMew purrayss fore USA an mee senddss healin **purrss** to you an yore furamillee.
    Yore Catnadianss frendss BellaDharma an LadyMew too

  2. HOPE was at the bottom of Pandora's box. Thus, if you can get through and see through all the EVIL that has been released in the last few years, there will be a channce. There is NO magic wand or silver bullet to your and the worlds comon crisis of those fools in power, just the will of the sane people and a whole lot of effort.
    Stay safe and well

  3. It will take a lot of time by people of good conscience for the wrongs of all our countries to be put right. We will fight against the huge money pouring in from the vested interests who want to do anything BUT help the poor and the disadvantaged.

    The road is long and I just hope we can come to our senses soon enough. A great country cares for and educates all of its people not just the rich.We need to remember that.

  4. Maybe because I am not an American, I have always wondered if America was ever really great to begin with?

  5. Natins expand and fail over time. Some are better for the world than others. The US is failing with Trump as President, but that can change.

    If Trump wins the next election and holds the Republican Senate, most democratic institutions will be legally impaired. Beneficial regulations will be eliminated. International agreements will be cancelled. Personal liberties will be diminished. We will become a Police State.

    But if Biden wins, he can stand there on Inauguration Day and state clearly that "We are back. We made a poor choice in 2016 and have sufferred from it. It is time to restore normalcy to domestic and international relationships. It is time to rejoin the international community of democratic government for trade, peace, and mutual benefit. It is time to recognize that autocratic governments are not our friends, and to recognize who our true friends are."

    Well, I can hope...

  6. We are up to the task, if we would only educate our children, spend time with those learning about life and its solutions, not ignore the poor and needy, give to those less fortunate, VOTE, VOTE, VOTE for change, medical care for all, better education that doles not cost an arm and a leg for students, organize neighborhood to work with police, not against them, weed out bad apples and re structure the money spent on educating police, we NEED the police, we do not need the sadists within the forces, eat better diets, stop carrying around huge cartons of soft drinks, stop dropping garbage on the streets, be mindful of neighbors, think about OTHERS —hey the Golden Rule functions, people. It works.
    Basta...I’m boring myself and probably you, haha. But yes, we can change things, especially the young if they will get out ant VOTE. For clean air, for better governing, for health, for their social security in the future, VOTE for all Amricans, no color barriers, no sex barriers, VOTE for humanity to survive well.

  7. It's sad to see where our country has gone.

  8. Noodle - I couldn't agree more - I am the eighth commenter and five of the others are from outside the US, so it is clear the rest of the world is watching and very worried too !