Saturday, April 19, 2014

                        Somethings For The Weekend...

There are some questions that simply must be answered. Here are a few we were able to find the answerer's to ( kind of...)
In journalism one the first thing you learn is that every story needs to answer the 4 w's...
Who, What, When and Where... and so;

WHAT did this doggy do? (doggy do, get it?)

WHO did John Stewart make throw up...twice?

WHEN will too big to fail implode on itself? Did you know that after 20+ years of
contaminating water and land with toxic levels of chemical spills, Anadarko was fined 5.15 billion's the kicker, that same day their stock rose! They ended up making more in one day than they were fined for twenty years! Want to know why? They were expecting to be fined even more, up to 14 billion so when they were fined 5.15 billion it was cause for celebration...
 Also, The very day we added more sanctions against Russia, the head of Shell Oil was at Putin's house making a deal to expand Shells development of oil and gas there! And... because we don't have a space program anymore, we count on Russia to deliver our astronauts and equipment to the International Space Station which costs us 71 million dollars per seat! We just wrote them a check for 545 Million dollars! Some sanctions huh?

I saved the best for last!

"WHERE should I look? Right? Left? Right? Left? OMG, I'm sooo confused!"

Have a great weekend!

Noodle and crew


  1. LOL left right, right left,best skiddadle. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. You were being teased, weren't you? :)

  3. Our most pressing question is WHEN will we get fed again?!

    Happy Easter weekend!

  4. Don't be confused, I know you will figure it all out!

  5. Hahah Noodle, is that you?

    Those things about Russia are just ridiculous. This whole gov't needs some serious straightening out. - Crepes.

  6. whoa...we can see why de pup haza thing against tires...glad her iz oh kay tho....

    N noodle....left right up down...ya saw burd dinna ya...N fled de seen

    best thing ta due....good werk !! :)

  7. I'm so hoping for that when to be soon..

    and as for where.. look deep into my eyes.. :)

  8. Haha - poor kitty - too much to look at! Cute!
    xo Catherine