Saturday, June 20, 2015

                    Something to think about this weekend...

We have to decide who we are as a nation as we move forward. Is this the new "normal?"Is that who we are now? We can debate from now till dooms day about the right to bear arms and the second amendment and on and on and on...In the mean time people, children are dying. Mothers and fathers and wives and sisters and aunts are crying for their loved ones.

We are the only civilized nation to have this many gun deaths and guns, by far. We are literally exterminating ourselves in the name of righteousness.

Yes we have the right to own a gun as many as we want and as big as we want we also have the right to set our house on fire and to eat dirt and to smoke 20 packs of cigarettes a day and to cut off our arms or legs...just because you can do something doesn't mean it's the best or right thing to do. Just because you can own an AK47 doesn't mean you should.

I think it speaks volumes about our country and our perception of freedom that this is the position of a board member of the NRA after the deaths in South Carolina;

Like I said at the this who we really want to be?

Our hearts and prayers go out to the people of South Carolina in this time of such great sadness and loss.

Have a peaceful and safe weekend...

Noodle and crew


  1. Yous be wight, da debate goes on. We thoroughly believe and want da wight to bear awms and don't want dat to change. Guns don't kill people, people kill people and as many afur da killer of these peeps was on dwugs. We awe sick 'bout this shooting as we awe all da udders and wish it hadn't happened. But it dusn't change our views. Actually it is more purroof we shuld be awmed. Banning gun ownership will only penalize da law abiding peeps of da countwy. Cwiminals will find a way to get guns no matter what. Hope yous have a gweat weekend gawjus. And weez glad yous was adopted and found a wunnewful luvvin' home.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  2. Thanks Noodle, we are sad here in South Carolina. There have been some amazing love shown and that is always most promising.

  3. what happened in S.Carolina was beyond horrific. It is just devastating.

  4. That is very sad about what happened in South Carolina.

  5. Shooting after shooting after shooting. This really has to stop. What we have now isn't working.

  6. It's all so sad Noodle.... big sigh...

    Praying for a resolution to all this heinous violence...

    Purrs for peace

    Basil xox