Saturday, September 30, 2017

by the numbers...

We're keeping a list and checking it twice...( if only this was about Santa...)

We have a  list of things that keeps us up at night and it seems to get longer day by  day.
So, we decided to write them down and lucky you, we're going to share them!

Some are bad some are worse, some are petty grievance's and some are even remarkably happy things
(although those are few and far between).

#1 The ACA is still alive!

After heart wrenching scenes of disabled and wheelchair bound protesters being dragged off and made to leave the place where they were having open public discussions on the latest iteration of Republicans toxic health care bill. Several Republican Senators and all Dems could not be persuaded.
John McCain once again road to the rescue.

#2 Puerto Rico is part of the America!
You don't tweet about bull shit for days after a disaster and then blame your disregard of the situation on the victims of said tragedy. ( *see; Donald it's not about you!")

And if that weren't bad enough, after more criticism he doubled down and did it again!

#3 In a press conference, Donald Trump  patted himself on the back so hard saying things like "how wonderfully they were handling the devastation in Puerto Rico", he almost beat himself to death!
Just like most things in this world, the hurricane, the devastation, the relief efforts, Donald,*"it's NOT about you!"

#4 The first amendment applies to EVERYONE! It's in the constitution. Donald would know that if he ever took the time to read it.

#5 Note to Sarah Huckabee Sanders; It is NEVER appropriate for the President Of The United States to call people "son's of bitches"

#6. As to North Korea; Donald listen...You don't rattle the cage of a totally insane monkey!
Mr.Jong-un, the same goes for you.

This is a really long list so...

To be continued.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Noodle and crew


  1. Hari Om
    .... grade A gripes! don't let it spoil your weekend though Noodle and crew. Hugs and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. Yes, the ACA is still alive. The Trump plan is suppose to be so much better and so much more affordable. Remember that campaign promise? How about working on fixing the ACA and stop threatening to end it. I have a son who has had two stem cell transplants for Hodgkin's Lymphoma. He's one of those younger people with a pre-existing condition they want to have pay more and will need medical insurance for what I hope and pray will be a long life. It's hard enough worrying about cancer. We don't need to be worrying all the time about the ACA being stopped.

    Yes, the 1st Amendment applies to everyone. Even to candidates that totally disrespect our POW's by claiming they aren't heroes because they were caught and he doesn't like people who get caught. I realize it's hard for him to understand the sacrifices they made during the Vietnam War because he was one of the rich kids that could stay in school as a full time student and avoid the draft. Senator John McCain is a true American hero along with Captain Hubert Walker, Jr. and all the other POW's. I wore Captain Walker's POW bracelet. How about some respect for our war heroes? An apology to our POW's would be a good start, but this President rarely (if ever) apologizes. Where was the outrage when these men were disrespected?

  3. Well, you can have as long a list as you need. I'm with your view always, no exceptions, and here in France the Catalans are feuding with Madrid and lots of stress in the streets. The world appears to be litigating everywhere, thank you Donald, even if you didn't have anything to do with Catalonia. Probably don't know where that is....

  4. I am very afraid of the North Korea.

  5. I couldn't agree with you more, especially on #5, the only S.O.B is our Prez catchatwithcarenandcody

  6. This list is way too long...and every day it's something new to add to it. Ugh.

  7. noodle.....

    itz knot stopped sinz jan ewe wary haz it; one thing afturr de other afturr de other afturr de other.......cod....when iz sum one gonna say..YUR fired ~~~~~~~~~~

  8. The Trumpster has a talent for exciting his followers. But He horrifies the other 60% of the US and 90% of The Rest Of The World.

    His pathetic presentation in Puerto Rico was so embarrassing. I cry for our reputation...