Friday, November 1, 2013

Addition to Sticky paws etc....

This is the link to a very important story that Noodle would like everyone to read:
We found it after posting our last post.

Noodle hugs


  1. I couldn't get the story to open for me, probably an iOS7 thing. We donate food to our local pet food bank just about every week.

  2. It is sad to think of so many hungry people. And if they can't afford to eat, they can't afford a pet, so more pets are turned into shelters. :(

  3. We agree with Jan. If there are so many hungry peoples, there are that many more hungry animals too. :(

  4. Hi Noodle,
    Thanks for coming by my blog. I am a PUG, as you probably know. But my sisteroid is Sunshine the Cat - an orange tabby. I talk like we don't get along but we totally do. Nice to meet you.
    Love Noodles