Monday, September 23, 2013


This Monday morning brings with it a recipe for the perfume of fall.

Add the warmth of orange and yellow leaves, a dash of crispness in the air and a drop or two of rain.
Mix with the whisper of a breeze and the gradually darkening skies
to create the fragrance that is the essence of Autumn
A scent we will wear for the next several months.

A great first step by CEO of Starbucks and home town guy; Howard Shultz.
read his letter to patrons concerning guns in Starbucks at ;    

A shout out to the creators of Pete The Cat picture books for kids. Check them out at;

A truly great recipe for Cat Head Biscuits an old southern favorite; enter search
for "cat head biscuits".

Thoughts and prayers to those in Kenya.

Noodle hugs!



  1. absolutely AMAZING post and photo...LOVE the imagery you created with your words

  2. Hi Noodle! You are adorable and the name "Noodle" is too. We saw your interview over at Jan's Funny Farm. It's great to meet you. We hope to be seeing lots more of you around the Cat Blogosphere.

  3. Hello Noodle! We saw you over at Jan's Funny Farm and thought we'd stop by and say hi!

  4. Hello there noodle. Saw you at jan's meet and greet. Mom and i stopped by to say HI. =)

  5. Hi Noodle !
    I saw you over at Jan´s Funny Farm and thought I would come over and pay you a visit :)
    Me I live in Sweden with my mom- and dad-person , I mostly blog in swedish but I have a Google Translater gadget on my blog that do it´s work so so :)

  6. Whoa! This is like the news report. So how are YOU, Noodle?

  7. Hey Noodle! nice to meet you! Purrz and stuffs from alla da kits in da Katie Katz Gang!

  8. We are soooo happy to be on Jan's Funny Farm! Thank you to everyone who has dropped by to say hello. We love new friends. Please come back soon.

    Noodle hugs

  9. You have indeed catured the whole Noodley essence of Autumn with your beautiful words! This lovely crisp and cool weather has me purring, too!