Wednesday, September 18, 2013

So many guns...

I can not help but wonder why it is we feel we need all these guns. What are we so afraid of?
Guns are for war and the military, for law enforcement... why do ordinary everyday people need guns?
I get's a scary world out there but maybe we should stop and do some thinking about where all these guns are taking us.
It seems that every time there is the beginning of a discussion, everybody starts pointing fingers and the discussion gets lost in all the chaos.
Some would argue that to own any amount of guns is a constitutional right, I guess it's all in your interpretation. Personally I don't think this is what the framers had in mind. We live in a democracy which means we get to debate these issues. So lets debate not accuse, not slander, not bully. Lets talk...more importantly, lets listen.







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  1. More shootings again today. The adage that people kill, guns don't is wearing pretty thin. Snipers without assault weapons probably wouldn't go after strangers with a knife or some other object which caused them to come eye to eye with their victim and possibly be armed themselves. We live 35 minutes from VA Tech so have had all this mayhem right in our backyard. I fear in my lifetime, no change will occur in our constitution or laws, and we will continue to see massacres. No one can listen, they are all yelling to loud to hear. Sad that this is the society in which we live.