Friday, January 31, 2014

SOMETHING'S FOR THE WEEKEND + Sticky Paws and Hairballs vs. Kitty Kisses and Fuzzy Hugs...

                                            Resting up for the big game...go Seahawks!

A big sticky paw to birds, this is why I have issues with birds! OK, I get it, the circle of life blah, blah, blah, but come on...really?

A big fuzzy hug as we bid a fond farewell to Pete Seeger;

Two sticky paws to the Utah school that humiliated 40 kids when they took away their lunches and threw them in the garbage;

A very large hairball to Rand Paul; Pop the champagne ladies, according to Rand Paul, we won!!!!

A kitty kiss to funny stuff; Watch Mitt Romney ( you know, that guy who ran for president...) with Jimmy Fallon: 

We think this is a number every cat owner should have on hand;

THE ASPCA ANIMAL POISON CONTROL HOTLINE;  1-888-426-4435 the center operates 24 hours a day and is staffed by veterinarians knowledgeable in the field of toxicology.( note; a minor charge will be assessed on your credit card for this service )

And lastly, did you know;

A cat can not see directly under it's nose.

Cats are not color blind, but their ability to see color is not as good as humans. They tend to see the world in shades of blue and green.

Have a great weekend!

Noodle and crew


  1. Happy Weekend Noodle, and I see my nose, that's close enough!

  2. You are really smart, Noodle. Keep spreading your knowledge. Who knows, someday a human will be almost as smart. Almost.
    It sure takes a lot of them to know what you do.
    And under my nose? That's where scritchies belong!

  3. Gosh threw away kiddies lunches??? Sounds like something that would happen here. Some poor boy got suspended for bringing in cheesy biscuits in his lunchbox here. Oh dear the food police are out. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. I love that picture, you look so content and happy!

  5. Another great column. We’re all broken up over Pete Seeger. There will be folk singers but there will never be another Pete Seeger.

  6. We were sad about Pet Seeger too....
    Also....yessssssssssss go Seahawks!!
    And..........LOVE LOVE LOVE JIMMY FALLON!! (and that skit was hilarious!)

  7. blue and green... those ARE the shades of the world! - Crepes.

  8. Your team won the Superbowl Noodle! Honestly, I was cheering for the commercials. I quite enjoyed the Bad Lip Reading one and the one with the Muppets. I have to agree that the ASPCA poison control center is awesome and Jimmy Fallon is always a hoot. :)

  9. noodle....ewe got that rite...bib hizzzzzzzzzzzzzzez N sum dirty litter boxes lined up crozz de countree two de utah skewl......we iz knot good at math N even we noe thiz situation coulda been handled in at leest ten diffrunt wayz......

    oh N conga rats two yur hawkz..... !

  10. noodle...R inter netz connectshunz iz getttin a big hizzzzzzzzzy fit two day ewe can betcha N mega hizzzzzzez for sure two that skewl in utah....we dunno how ta count ......but even we noe thiz coulda been handle in at leest ten diffrunt wayz......hizzez AND dirtee litter boxez two them