Friday, June 30, 2023

Monday, June 26, 2023

Wednesdays words of wisdom...


Did it ever cross your mind " what ever happened to the Republican Party"?

To help Reagen win the election he invited good "Christian " voters to join him in the crusade in saving the country., 

thinking, that they would be easy to control.

BUT the good simple people had a trick or two of their own.

Surprising those silly old Republicans, they changed the party into a radical, religious organization.

So that, children is the story of how the Republican Party was changed.

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Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Quest post Walks like a duck quacks like a duck...

Poor Mike Pence, he says he's a Christian, and a conservative. Belief in God who is Perfect, makes no mistakes, god is perfect, right? So This means he knows all, nothing is not what he wants. we are made in his image.  So Trans, and gay people are here because of God. His son Jesus walk with lepers and prostitutes.   Mike does not talk like a Christian.

Now when my father died, my mother in going through his papers came across papers that were marked TOP SECERT. Now my father flew nuclear armed bombers in the 50 and 60's., so these papers were  forty years old, but still TOP SECERT. Mom called a military family friend who called the right people who came the house and picked up the papers.  They were not happy; they were very serious.  They said they were sorry for our loss of her husband and left. no big deal, as my mother wanted the papers gone. gone.  

So as a former Republican I respected and obey the laws of my country. I vote. I want  veterans taken care of do to their service to this country. I  Do not expect that A former President takes Top Secret Papers and leaves them hanging about and unprotected so that any Tom, Dick or Harry who happens to have the ability to get into the country club where they have been put. I also expect that this thieving ex president should and would be arrested for keeping the Top Secret papers from going back to the government.

Poor Mike does talk like a conservative, NO,NO when he talks about the Top Secret papers he talks like someone who is afraid of republican primary voters. Not a Chirstian , a scared politician.

Have a great Wednesday...

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Friday, June 9, 2023

The papers


The Government had some very important top secret papers

Donald Trump took the top-secret paper's.

He hid the papers and denied he had them.

The Government found the papers in Trumps possessions.

Now you know why Trump was indited.

Now we wait to find out what will happen next...

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Thursday, June 8, 2023


Indited !

No really..indited !

Seriously, indited! 


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Wednesday, June 7, 2023

More Vir Das...


(Vir Das is an Indian actor, musician and comedian.) 

The dictionary defines Feminism  

as equal rights based on the equality of the sexes

I'm on board with the first part of that sentence.

I believe in the equal rights part.

I do not believe in equality of the sexes

I believe woman are beautiful intelligent layered complex creatures, men are just with them

My definition of Feminism is not letting a woman be what a man can be,

but whatever a women wants to be. 




Tuesday, June 6, 2023



I have opinions
But I respect the opinions of others just as I would want them to respect mine..
An opinion is just that, an opinion.
Not a fact.
Remembering that makes for much better conversations!

Have a wonderful Wednesday...

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Saturday, June 3, 2023



A patriot loves their country. and  just does something about it.

A Nationalist loves themselves  and the cult of themselves and uses their country to advertise it..

It's just narcissism wraped in a flag.

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