Saturday, October 31, 2015

                              A Scary Halloween Post!

We know this is what you have been waiting for so here goes;

Some of you have commented that we have been remiss in giving you our take on the presidential debates both Republican and Democrat so now with three Republican debates in the can and one with the Democrats we thought it was time to weigh in.

On the Republican side here is our current view of the candidates;

Trump; reality TV star out to get publicity and cash in on his moment in the spot light. Will quit when he's in third place...

Carson; perhaps people trust him because he's a doctor/ authority figure. Otherwise...I don't get it. Would you pick a politician to operate on you? He might be a brilliant surgeon but what the heck does that have to do with being president?

Fiorina; Seems a bit too angry besides which most of what she says has been proven to be untruthful (notice I didn't say lies?)

Rubio; will probably be the nominee of the Republican party.

Bush; All I hear is whining...I think it's time for Jeb to pick up his toys and go home and do some of those cool things he says he could be doing... The longer he's in this the whinier he gets and the lower his numbers go.

Christie; His own state is a mess so he wants to abandon that mess and mess up the whole country instead? Also, if you can't lose weight even with surgery then what are the chances you have the discipline to run a country. Hey, he made it a public issue not me. Then there's  that whole bullying thing he does.

Cruz; Seems better suited to sermonizing, needs to find a church and a congregation as opposed to a public office. Panders to the camera WAY too much!

Paul; Wait...Is he still in this?

Huckabee; See Ted Cruz.

Kasich; Who is this guy again?

And what we think of the Democrats;

Hilary; Lot's of excess baggage but also lots of real experience in politics. Needs to let the real Hilary come through no matter who the inner Hilary's the only way to appear genuine and gain trust.
Then there are those never ending pesky e-mails...and don't ever forget Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi...because there are a lot of conservatives who never will as demonstrated by the what...107th Benghazi inquiry?

Sanders; Love his politics for the most part but he seems a bit too to angry too. At least he finally combed his hair...we think it's interesting that his candidacy resulted in pulling the Dems to the left, somewhere they seem to have been afraid to go on their own.

O'Malley; See John Kasich...

So who is your favorite candidate?

That's how we assess things at this point.
So if that didn't float your boat, try watching Bad Lip Reading's take on both of the first debates. If we didn't give you a giggle they definitely will!;

First Republican Debate/ Bad Lip Reading;

First Democratic Debate/ Bad Lip Reading;

Have a super trick or treaty weekend!
And if you are in an area that applies, set your clocks back too...

Noodle and crew

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

                                 One Word Wednesday...

Have a  spooky good Wednesday and a happy Halloween!
Noodle and crew 

Sunday, October 25, 2015

                                 Something's For Sunday...

Here are a few things to ponder this Sunday...

You are probably wondering why we have such an artsy photo today...well it's because today is
International Artists Day;  it's also World Pasta Day and National Mother-in-laws Day.

What a guy! This French sailor will go down in Cat History. We wish we had a special medal for him...

Although we don't agree too much with Paul Ryan's politics in general and even though he looks like Ernie of Burt and Ernie ( see; ) We wish him luck as the most likely new Speaker of the House...
He has his work cut out for him!

We would be remiss if we did not mention that Hilary Clinton made the Benghazi committee republicans cry like a little girl and look like two year old children  having a tantrum what with all the yelling and red faces;
Maybe they would have gotten further if they had acted like grown ups.

And musically...Adel released a track from her new album, have a listen;

Have a super Sunday!

Noodle and crew

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

                         WORDLESS WEDNESDAY...


Have a wonderful Wednesday...
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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

                              WORDLESS WEDNESDAY...
                                                   those darn drones are everywhere.... 
                                                      Ever feel like you're being watched?

Have a wonderful Wednesday!
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Saturday, October 10, 2015

             Something to think about this weekend...

I haven't thought about this for a while but because his name is popping up a lot now with the Speaker Of The House issues...

Is it just me or is there a resemblance ?

Have a great Sunday!

Noodle and crew

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

                                    Wordy Wednesday...

                                 Find A Better Argument!

First off we want to say how sad we are about the incident in Roseburg, Oregon. We know Roseburg well and have good friends there and have spent a lot of time there. It's a beautiful little place where there are really great people and our thoughts and prayers are with them...

There are those who will say to own and keep guns is their right. Okay.
But why does their right to own a gun trump everyone else's rights?
What about Betty's right to feel like she can send her kids to school and they won't be shot?
What about Bill's right to go to the movies and not be gunned down?

The problem with this conversation is with rights come responsibilities our favorite part of the second amendment is where it says; well regulated right to bear arms.
The conversation seems to have shifted to now be,"there will always be crazy people and criminals who will get their hands on guns." Those are the people we need to worry about.

Not the five year old child who gets up where his mother put her gun because she didn't think he could reach it but little Johnny took that gun and shoot his brother Jeffery who was three just the same...not crazy not a criminal?

Or what about the man down the street who helps you move your garbage cans back to the house from the sidewalk who one day has too much to drink and in the middle of an argument with his wife grabs his gun and shoots her. He isn't crazy he's drunk and angry.
What about all the road rage shootings? Here's a hint: 99.9% of those shootings are based in anger and rage at something completely different than the person who is shot. No criminal no crazy...

More people are shot everyday by someone they know or love than all the mass shootings so lets quit pretending that this epidemic of gun violence is only criminals and crazy people.

This brings me to the other part of this argument I just don't get...
What is it with this whole paranoid delusion that the government is coming to get our guns so we have to go out and buy more guns?
When did the government try to take your guns?
Have they ever tried? Ever?

As far as I know they would only try to take your guns if you broke the law.
But according to gun owners that would OK with them because then you would be a criminal and criminals shouldn't have guns...remember?

I know,"guns don't kill people, people kill people." Yes, but they are people with guns!
You would have a hard time convincing me that the same amount of people would be dead if a person had to expend the energy and commitment it would take to say bludgeon a person to death.
Most people wouldn't bother, it's too much work.
But to pull a trigger? It only takes one second...

Like I need to find a better argument!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Noodle and crew