Monday, November 4, 2013


 When I first heard this idea I thought if only everyone could be a part of this. Imagine, everyone! Every single person in the world!

I only hope that those of us who participate will somehow be contagious to others, and they will tell two friends, and they will tell two friends....

Peace: what does it mean to you? A quite afternoon? Being able to pay the bills with a little left over?
A healthy family? Peace in the Middle East? Between your siblings? The neighbors down the block?
Should we be content with peace within our walls or should we strive for more?

Last year my human visited ten schools in very rural areas of Tanzania, Africa. She went with a hope and a prayer of completing an art project that seemed impossible to complete. Everything fell into place and the project was a success! I asked her to share a portion of it with you. I hope it will inspire you to do the unthinkable and know it can be achieved.
Peace is illusive, but it is worth the quest.

This is a paper mural done by students in Seattle, Washington then rolled up and hand delivered to a school in Tanzania, Africa where students placed finger paint covered hand prints over those of the students in Seattle. Dubbed: the " Hand to Hand, Heart to Heart, Child to Child" art project, it was an effort in what seemed like futility but through sheer determination and so much luck that it defies logic, the project worked!

Peace is illusive... keep trying!

Peace be yours always...



  1. Peace to you my friend, today and every single day. Hey, come by and play a piece.

  2. Beautiful mural. I wish for peace for everyone.
    Sue B

  3. If that mural is your Peace Globe, it's the best one yet and I've seen about a hunnert peace globe. All the cats of the Cat blogosphere participate. Peace out my furrend.

  4. lee awesum painting oh de kids N de kids....we loves it....oh, N we iz knot tryin ta bee two purrson nell, but should we call ewe dood ore doodette....there bee three boyz N dai$y heer in trout towne N sum times uz boyz use de werd dood when we shoulda used doodette !!

  5. Peace for you Noodle and for all.

  6. We never give up purring for peace. :)

  7. the hand prints are brilliant! We blogged for peace too!

  8. We are just now catching up, but as you know, it is never too late to wish for peace. I love your entry and the story behind it!

  9. What a great peace post. We're glad we got to read it.