Monday, December 16, 2013


I know I shouldn't be this close to the twinkly tree but you know how it is... I don't see what they are so worried about anyway. Oh look a shiny thing just moved...I bet I can make it move more. Oh, OK now I know what they were worried about...

A sticky paw to the fact that we seem to be at a place in our history where I can start almost any post with the phrase, "another day, another school shooting", how sad is that?

A big hairy hairball to the fact that we have a smaller number of banks now than at the time of the great depression and because they have been allowed to merge over and over they are now bigger than they were when we first dubbed them; "to big to fail" Can you say monopoly?

A sticky paw and a hairball and a sarcastic "happy holidays" from congress to the 1.3 million long term unemployed that will lose their unemployment benefits a couple of days after Christmas.

And a huge sticky paw to the judge in Texas who gave probation to the teen who killed four people while driving drunk. The defense? Affluenza! No I am not making this stuff up!

And now on a cheerier note;

Check out Catmas Carols at;

Next; we want to give a shout out to Dexter who made these wonderful big cat ornaments last year to help raise funds to save endangered tigers and other big cats. Aren't they cool?

We had fun Sunday visiting Next To Nature and photographing kitties who need homes, for Friends
Of Animals Foundation...

Here are a couple of the kitties who hope to find new homes; if you live in Seattle or know someone who does, they are waiting...
You can find more kitties waiting for homes at;

 Have a super duper week! Noodle


  1. Hairballs and sticky paws to that list from us too. Love the kitty ornaments.
    Have a marvellous Monday Noodle.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. noodle...ornmints R rockin awesum N sew iz de cause !!!!!! XXXXXXXX N heerz hopin everee one waitin on a for evers forever home frum Friends of Animals gets that for evers home N just in time for de holly days !!! ~~~~~

  3. Hey Noodle
    Thanks for stopping by today. I like meeting new friends

  4. Who doesn't love ornaments? They are so pretty and shinny :)
    I have to agree with you that the world has gone crazy. Reading/watching the news is almost a masochistic act these days.
    I love the ornaments your friends made. Very cool and for a great cause. Hopefully even more kitties will find a furever home this Christmas.

  5. I hope those sweeties get homes soon and get their own tree and ornaments!

  6. Whoa! I never know what to comment on first. Tomorrow you’ll see my tree and how close I got to the ornaments. Heh heh. TW is giving a sticky paw AND a hairball to She enrolled over a month ago and just found out today they never passed her info to NJ Family Care so she’s gonna have to enroll again or enroll at NJ Family Care directly who expects her to pick a plan blindly without any info on any of the plans. We supported ACA but have changed our minds. Pop’s application was screwed up also. He’s just gonna keep his expensive COBRA.

  7. We have stayed away from attacking the tree this year :-) Merry Christmas xxx

  8. Hi those ornaments AND the kitties looking for forever homes. Hope that happens for them...As for the other stuff? We saw that affluenza debacle and were upset (yes upset) about that BIG TIME. AMEN to the other items you mentioned too.....great minds think alike!

    Holiday Hugs, Sammy