Saturday, January 18, 2014


Something's For The Weekend and AWARDS!!!!!


If I look like the proverbial cat that swallowed the canary well maybe not the canary but I did eat some of that green paper with the pictures of some old guys on it. I don't see what the big deal is but the humans where a tiny bit flustered... OK they were down right ticked off. In my defense, it was just laying there on the table so I thought I'd take a look...well one thing lead to another and I guess you could say I have this "thing" about paper. I have been known to chew it to bits like a puppy... so long story short I got in a little trouble... me! Adorable, cute, sweet little ole me! can you believe it? And now for the news...


 A 71 yr. old man was so upset by someone in back of him in a movie theater texting that he shot and killed him...

Bruce Springsteen and Jimmy Falon re write the words to,  Born To Run to address NJ Governor Chris Christie's Bridgegate ordeal...

The Federal Government is pursuing action against Walmart for breaking labor laws;

More school shootings! Two within the past week!
People we need to Do something about this!

And; While we were sleeping... we got awards!
During our sickie time unbeknownst to us we were racking up some really cool awards from some really great friends...

On 12/31/13  Robin, Cinco and Manna at;  nominated us for the Sunshine Award  

Then we got a whole bushel of awards from  Beverly over at; 


And from Mauricio, Lilly Olivia, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lizbeth and Callie Jo at; we were awarded the Because You're Fantabulous award...

fantablulous award

Whew! As much as we LOVE awards, that was a lot of work!

And now for our nominee's; we are taking a que from Beverly at Moggiepurrs and bundling
some of them together...

First we are nominating the following blogs for what we now like to call the "Beverly's Bundle" of the first seven awards to;

Those trout talking tabbies at;
Sparkle at; those chilly kitties at; and

Next we would like to nominate for the Because You Are Fantabulous award.

And lastly, to , we give the Sunshine Award...

That's about all the awarding we can do right now without falling over from exhaustion as we are still in recuperation mode...

Have a great weekend!

Noodle and crew


  1. BOL Noodles you've been chewing green papers have you? OMD we would be in so much trouble. Re awards we just post a thank you and pop them on our awards page. We likewise are grateful but it so much work to do each one. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Hi Noodle, thank you very much for the award, and concatulations to you! Some of those news headlines are very troubling =/

  3. Wow, Noodle! Thanks so much for the humongous award package!!

  4. You picked some of our great friends to receive the awards well done everyone xx

  5. You all hit the mother-load of awards. Thanks for the shout out and link. Sounds like it would be good if you could trade some of those awards for green papers. Noodle, that might be considered hooliganism, so you better behave yourself a little better. Mom says she's heading over to see the Fallon/Springsteen video. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  6. Noodle, we woulda gotten in big trouble if we ate green papers. You should stick to regular foods...tastier, don'tcha think??

    Congrats on all your cool awards!!

  7. Some green papers ain’t worth the paper they’re printed on. No harm; no foul. I like to work the teeth on cardboard. Concats on all those awards. Can’t wait to see the Springsteen video. Jon Stewart was hilarious re: Bridgegate. He paraphrased Born to Run.

  8. Thanks a bunch for the Fantabulous Award Noodle.....!!! It's awfully nice of you to think of ME ME ME when it comes to passing along an award. We received that a while back - it's kind of cool to be thought of as Fantabulous isn't it?!?! Concats to YOU for receiving a bazillion awards too.....where will you put them all? I hope you have a BIG shelf somewhere to show them off....

    Hugs to you my friend, Sammy

  9. MOL MOL MOL about the awards! While we wish you HUGE CONCATULATIONS you now know why we no longer blog about them :) We appreciate them but they were eating our blog(s) (and TIME!) up alive xoxo

  10. WOW! Congrats on all the nice awards! I hope you have a bigger trophy case on order!

  11. noodle...conga ratz two ewe on yur way awesum awards and manee thanx for thinkin oh uz for one in ree food serviss gurl izza pants butt tho... N will knot let uz play a long...but we appreciates ya thinkin oh de trouterz anyway !!! hapee ton oh trout twoozday !!

  12. Congrats on all of your awards! You really deserve them. That story about the guy shooting the other guy texting in the theater is crazy! What on earth is wrong with people these days? I mean, texting is "tell the manager" annoying or "take his phone and throw it across the theater" annoying not really "shoot him" annoying. Wow.

  13. Noodle! We thought we thanked you for these awards but apparently... we failed. THANK You! We love that we made your short list for those awesome awards! I mean, they're probably MOSTLY for me, Crepes, but i guess my MomFOD would feel better if i said they were for both of us, so shh... just play along. Love, Crepes.