Monday, August 11, 2014

A Fond Farewell...

I know we are on sabbatical but we could not let the opportunity pass to bid a fond farewell to an amazing talent that my humans grew up watching...So with a great big shazbot and a hearty nanu-nanu we morn the passing of Robin Williams a man that could make us laugh until we cried and cry until we could laugh once again...

                   Robin Williams
       July 21 1951  - August 11 2014


  1. We were so sad to hear that news tonight. Ork will never be the same :(

  2. Just so terribly sad. He touched so many lives and will be greatly missed.
    Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Very sad that a man that was loved by everyone didn't realize it.

  4. God's speed to you Robin; rest easy knowing that the demons have been left behind.
    Thanx for the smiles, the giggles and the laughter; you are and always will be comic genius ♥

  5. This really caught the mom by surprise...we think it caught everyone by surprise. So sad. RIP, Mr. Williams.

  6. You captured the feelings of all of us who were in awe of Williams quick wit and talent. Thanks.