Friday, September 19, 2014

It's time for sticky paws and hairballs vs. kitty kisses and fuzzy hugs!

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Next,  I need to give a sticky paw to myself.. yep you heard me right. I did a post
where I gave a sticky paw to Garden and Gun magazine . One of our readers pointed out that I probably had never read the magazine. I hadn't and that was bad reporting on my part. So as you can see by the photo, I went out and got a copy and paged through it and guess what... I really like this magazine! And by the way, not a gun in sight... It's really well done, articulate and well written with beautiful images. This was the Southern Food issue with lots of great recipes...
A big fuzzy hug to for calling me to the carpet and being the reason I went back and really took a look at a really good magazine...I just wish it had a different name.

Next a big hairball to the ever controversial Urban Outfitters;  they have sunk to a really trashy attention grabing place. After several marketing campaigns that they have had pull due to controversy it seems they still have not learned;

That brings us to Bobby Jindal who gets a hairball for being one of those, "science isn't a fact, it's more of a theory kind of thing" guys;

Next up; A great big fuzzy hug to Nancy Pelosi's reaction to Ted Cruz's statement;

Lastly we want to update you on a story we brought you a while ago about a video made in Iran with Iranians dancing to the happy song. Here is the original video if you missed it;
Now the Iranian government has taken steps against the dancers. Check it out;
Update on the update!!!!!
The sentence was suspended!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Noodle and crew
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  1. You’re not the only one it fooled. TW saw several copies in our recycling room and thought we had a teabagger living here. MOL! The Urban Outfitters thing is beyond bad taste.

  2. We tried to vote but there was nowhere to type the verification bit in? Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. 1st - I voted. And there's another Noodle in the contest!!! I had to doublecheck your number! :)

    2nd - I'm humbled by your words about reading Garden & Gun. And just a little at a loss for words. It does sometimes have guns, but is not a gun nut magazine, and sometimes, like you said, not a gun in sight. Thank you for exploring on your own.

    Thanks so much! xoxo

  4. Well at least those happy dancers didn't suffer any pain!

  5. I think the 'Gun' part of Garden & Gun refers more to hunters. At least I hope it does. All of my uncles & brothers hunt. None of them are stupid enough to open carry in inappropriate places, and anywhere outside of the wilderness is inappropriate unless you are law enforcement. Their rifles are for hunting game and stay locked up and unloaded the rest of the time.