Saturday, November 28, 2015

Call It What It Is!

                                         * warning, this post contains two R-rated words...


For those of you who are regular readers of my little blog I think I can say with pride that I am a
pretty open minded kitty.

I try very hard to be unbiased and fair and I very rarely rant.
That being said...get ready it's about to get a little bumpy...

So, another day, another shooting. Apparently this is what we have now devolved into.
If we continue to view our cities, towns and nation as combat zones...that is precisely what they will be.


Donald Trump made a comment after the Paris shootings; "if they had only had more guns maybe it
wouldn't have been so bad".

Really? Just so I'll know, how many is enough? Because we already have
tens of thousands. So what exactly is enough guns?

There is no answer of course because the argument is there is never enough for some people so
let's just be honest about it.

So, unfortunately the shootings in Colorado will end up being just another statistic on an ever
growing list...

Next, please for the love of God don't call yourself Pro Life as you gun down those who don't agree
with you!

Pro Life means you believe in life. There are no exceptions you do not get to pick and choose. You
are either Pro Life or your not so if you feel the need to kill in the name of your belief or cheer on
those who do...
find a new name because you are NOT pro life you are pro which ever life you deem significant .

Last...this whole bantering about of the of term politically correct...

Making fun of someone with a disability, calling someone ugly, degrading woman, saying all
Muslims are terrorists and all Mexicans are murders and rapists doesn't mean you are tired of being
politically correct, it simply means you're being an asshole!

There are second graders who know better than what some people are calling their right to say what
they want and damn the consequences.
They have come to the conclusion that doing so makes them look and sound flash it
makes them look petty and intolerant and let's be perfectly honest if anyone makes a derogatory
comment about one of those same folks throwing all this crap about, they whine and moan that
someone is stepping all over their freedom.

Just because you have a loud obnoxious vocabulary that you spew at the top of your lungs
and you put the American flag on everything and have a closet full of weapons and can yell the
loudest doesn't make you tough or strong or patriotic or, and this is very doesn't make
you right!

If you're proud to be a bully, or a bigot or a racist and you believe you have the right to say who
should and shouldn't be able to come to this country and who should be able to live and who should

And if you think this country is so bad (the government is too big, they're trying to take your guns,
we have to seal the boarders so no one who isn't white doesn't get in, the media is too liberal...) do
everybody a favor and leave...we have enough problems without you.

Please...let's get back to being grown ups.

You can probably tell I'm a bit frustrated but for whatever it's worth that's my two cents...

Have a great weekend,

Noodle (and crew)

P.S. sorry about the formatting my computer seems to be having a breakdown...


  1. You words are always good Noodle!

  2. Great blog, Noodle! PS: I'm sure you mean "whine" in the sixth paragraph from the bottom. But really, I love it!! =^_^=

  3. HEAR, HEAR. If that wasn't the greatest rant I've ever seen on a blog, then what on earth is!!! GOOD FOR YOU, NOODLE. And yes, there is politically correct and there is stupidity. Just mind your manners and try to empathize with others and you'll probably not put your foot in your mouth, as do so many gun-bearing, flag-waving, right-thinking individuals who call themselves AMERICAN.

  4. Excellent rant, I agree with everything you wrote.

  5. Fankss fur stopping bye fur a visit Noodle thee Kat!!!
    Wee have guns inn thiss countree all so. LadyMum says livin uppy North it iss not as bad as inn thee BIG city where shee used to live.
    As fur that Mistur Donald wee not like hiss manner...mee doess not fink hee likes Katss!
    ***nose bumpsss*** Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

  6. We agree with you, Noodle. The guns situation in the US seen from overseas seems sometimes weird. Purrs

  7. Awesome rant!!! I couldn't said better myself. Thanks you Noodle!

  8. Is da puter da one wiff da bweakdown? MOL We certainly agwee wiff you on a few fings Noodle, but you know weez from da South and like our guns. And we know yous don't. Da fing we luv, luv, dat we can be furiends and civil in spite of it. We can see yous side, but we know da other side too. At da end of da day, weez so glad weez cats. but we really do fink it's time we rise up and rule da world. We fink we would do a far better job, don't you? :) Have a blest day.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  9. Perceptive and intelligent as always Noodle. More guns? Really? How truly sad is this? So many good people lost, again.

  10. Exactly! Well said, Noodle. Peaceful Pawkisses for a Happy Day :) <3

  11. Mum, Sixpence, Tigger and I totally agree with your post, Noodle. Mum gets the newspaper every day and also on the puter -- she does not like reading it on the puter cos it is not as easy to skip all the bad news. That is another reason she does not watch the news on TV -- she gets it all in the newspaper , and she has enuf stress in her life, without reading/hearing about more of it.

    Thanks Noodle
    Meows and woofs from Tucson, AZ

    ps -- mum is a (legal) immigrant having come from the UK in 1962 -- she still has a green card ad UK passport!! bol/mol

  12. noodle.......AMEN.........inn deed thiz izza awesum rant.......N we reeded yur post twice.... N dinna see a damn thing rated R a bout it .......coz knot once did we see de werd .....bass terd ass burd ~~~~ ♥♥♥♥

  13. And thank you for the nice comment you left on my bro remembrance post. :-)

  14. The world is full of those with square brains that ooz out their ears.
    Keep the rant buddy