Friday, May 13, 2016

Getting to know the candidates...

Last week we took a look into the Republican Party.
As we are not one to play favorites, this week we take on the candidates, one each week;

He doesn't have as many delegates even though he has won so many state primaries.
He feels this is unfair.
He hasn't taken money from corporations or super packs.
You think I'm talking about Donald Trump right?
Guess again...

When Bernie Sanders first entered the race about a year ago, I thought hum-m-m this could be interesting.
As time went on I became concerned at what started looking more and more like a one issue campaign.
Even more disturbing were the escalating attacks toward his opponent which seemed to be more in line with the Republican side of the race.
Then there was the question of why with all the money he has raised he was not contributing to down ticket Democrats as all former candidates have and Hillary Clinton has been doing for quite some time. This being essential to winning the house and senate and implementing any type of change once in office.
Each of these things on there own could be chalked up to slip ups or ignorance due to not having run in a presidential campaign before.
But added up they have begun to worry me as to the candidates values and agenda.

I also worry that what worries me about the whole Trump fans thing applies in a lot of ways to Bernie too.

What happens if Bernie wins?
How will his supporters  react when he can't break up the big banks?
You need congress and the Senate and compromise. Raise your hand if you think the next president will not be in the same boat as his predecessor. One is left to think that magically everyone in congress will start to work together and there will be sunshine and lollipops for all.
Perhaps it is best summed up in an article written by syndicated columnist  Leonard Pitts Jr.;

Don't get me wrong, I like Bernie and a lot of what he professes to stand for.
It's just that whether it's Bernie, Hillary or Donald if you only have promises with no explanation of how you are going to implement your plans...then they are just empty promises no matter how great they sound.

Come on people lets demand some specifics!

Have a wonderful weekend...

Noodle and crew


  1. It sure is one nutty election season. Us cats would do a much better job Noodle!

  2. We agree with you on all the conundrums. Last night the human went to see the musical "Assassins" by Stephen Sondheim (musical assassins is not an oxymoron in this case) and one of the reasons almost each one had for attempting or succeeding an assassination was that __________ was a corrupt person and leading the country in the wrong direction. She mentioned to her friends it sounded a lot like the current election season. The only thing we can be sure of is that it will get more interesting. We are glad we can just sleep through it.

  3. "It's just that whether it's Bernie, Hillary or Donald if you only have promises with no explanation of how you are going to implement your plans...then they are just empty promises no matter how great they sound."

    Exactly... Ellie May thinks they all need a good whappin... but then she whaps everybody. MOL

  4. Specifics are SUPER important. Without 'em you've got NOTHIN'. MOUSES!


  5. Like the Queen of England, the POTUS is just a figure head. Doesn't matter who wins, they can't do anything w/o the Congress. What scared me about Cruz was that he was the only candidate I could see NOT getting a hard time from Congress.

  6. Aaaaaaw Sweet gawjus Noodle, anypawdy dat actually beieves a paw;otician is crazy in da furst place. You know half of those things they say they don't write themselves and don't even believe in. Anyways, enuff 'bout dat. Have a great weekend. Luv da foto.

    Luv ya'


  7. You hit the nail on the head, Noodle. They're all making promises that they cannot deliver. We hiss at them all.

  8. That is a good point, no one is saying how they can make these changes happen.

  9. It is a difficult challenge for each candidtate isn't it. How to do your best for your people when you may be faced with some behemoths like banks. Someone said the banks and corporations run American, but I would like to hope that whoever wins cares FIRST for the people of this fine country and then for everything else.

  10. Yes. We are raising our hands, er, our paws. Nope. There will be no lollipops. Perhaps just suckers (who believed in lollipops!)
    Our votes will be cast for Joe & Smoke, the Asskickers.

  11. Oh, dear. Apawlogies. We just read your "about ... blog" above, and do hope we kept our comment "clean and not rude".
    Actually, Joe and Smoke (Marg's Donkeys) are about to declare their candidacy and as donkeys, you know I am sure that A** is an appropriate synonym, and that is a part of their official campaign slogan ... sigh.

  12. Hey Noodle, we don't know anything about politics in the USA, but your photo is a winner today!


    Basil & Co xox

  13. Politician and promisses...yak! We love your picture, Noodle, you are our favorite winner! Pawkisses :) <3

  14. I love Bernie's goals and think they would really help the country if passed into law. But I agree that is unlikely. I love Bernie personally, but I don't think he would be a good Executive Branch leader.

    I had my experience in insurgent politics with McGovern in 1972. That cured me of "estatic optimism". Clinton is likely to get me 25% of 50% of what I want; Sanders is likely to get 5% of the 100% of what I want. I'll take Clinton's 25%.

    I saw a nice comparison recently. Someone (I forget who) compared Sander's motto of "Feel The Bern" and created a "Trudge Up The Hill" motto for Clinton. I'll trudge up the hill. Part of something is better than not much of everything... However, there is some reasonable chance that the Dems will get back control of the Senate, and an outside chance they might even get the House.