Saturday, August 13, 2016

Two more reasons...

You will get no argument from me that Hillary has trust issues.

I'm not crazy about the way she's handled the whole e-mail kurffle ...
But in a world of imperfect candidates I choose Hillary over Donald every day of the week and here are the latest reasons why...

In an ever growing list of reasons I will not vote for Donald Trump...

Donald Trump states that if he doesn't win " it's because the system is rigged ";

Never mind that he's down double digits in most swing states and across the board...
According to him If he loses Philadelphia it's because of voter fraud.
This seems like a great way to cover your butt!
This is a man who has an excuse for everything, but honestly one of the most worrisome statements I've heard him make relates to what he would do about attacks on this and other allied countries.

Ever since last year Donald Trump has been touting the fact that he and only he has a sure fire way to get rid of ISIS.
But he won't let us in on how...unless he's elected;

Now, maybe it's just me but that doesn't seem like the statement of someone who is very patriotic or truly cares that much about the people.
What if there were a large scale attack tomorrow?
Wouldn't Donald's sure fire plan have come in handy?
I don't know about you but I don't like the aspect of being teased when it comes to the country's security and I certainly don't like being blackmailed for my vote!

Just a thought...

Have a super weekend!

Noodle and crew


  1. I will be glad when the whole election thing is gone from the TV Noodle, except it will all start up again! Have a fun weekend!!!

  2. Hari OM
    The man is downright scary. YAM xx

  3. As far as The Donald's sure fire way to get rid of ISIS, he's axed many times of those giving him security briefing why if we have nuclear weapons, why we haven't used them. Scary.

  4. Hey, WE are ALWAYS with your views, Noodle. And nice to know you are out there feeling the same and saying things about it!!! But, like me, are you getting just a tiny bit bored with US politics? Just curious.

  5. Noodle, the mom says she's not a huge Hilary fan either, but The Donald has some serious issues that just can't be ignored. It's like he thinks this election is a TV reality show. Scary....

  6. Some of us are thinking bomb shelters and hoarding supplies if this country is dumb enough to allow The Donald to actually win. Yes, he IS scary!

  7. Oh gawjus Noodle, we will never agree on pawlitics, but we can agree dat we think you're just pawsum.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  8. Have to tell you....there are some instances where I seriously think I won't even be able to speak to anyone who is voting for Trump. I will have to question their intellect big time.

  9. Very good point. My husband worries that Trump would be too eager to hit the nuclear button and that would be the end for us all.

  10. We allus love yer political posts. We want to comment fully, but we are under some time pressure here, so we will come back later.

    Be sure ta come ta my 6th Birfday Pawty tomorrow 16th! It may be our best yet... ~ MARLEY

  11. We're back. TBT beat a midnight deadline by mere minnits... MOL!

    We agree that "Hillary has trust issues", but trying to keep her personal and professional emails on one account (as previous officials had done before her) just doesn't match ANY of the many bizarre things Trump has said.

    Even if Trump was right about 10% of the things he has claimed about her (which he is not), corrupt would beat crazy every time!

    Trump loves Putin. He wants us to be more like Russia as a Machiavellian "Great Power". That mostly went out in the 1800s. That was "The Age Of Wars" and he wants to return to it with nuclear weapons... Does he think life is just a computer game?

    Now he says we need a Government Committee to judge citizens' patriotism. Does "The Committee On Un-American Activities" ring a bell? How about Sen Joseph McCarthy?

    He wants to restrict the freedom of the press to criticize him. Nixon tried that. What a role model. And he promises to make it law if he gets elected. That's been tried before too. It was called the "Alien and Sedition Act" [four bills passed by the Federalist dominated 5th United States Congress, and signed into law by President John Adams in 1798. They made it harder for an immigrant to become a citizen (Naturalization Act), allowed the president to imprison and deport non-citizens who were deemed dangerous (Alien Friends Act) or who were from a hostile nation (Alien Enemies Act), and criminalized making false statements that were critical of the federal government (Sedition Act)].

    Sounds a lot like what Trump wants to do...

    The list of Trump inanities is nearly endless. Perhaps the worst part of what he does is make an unsupported claim saying "people say..." as if he were a fanatic personal blogger repeating rumors and innuendos from conspiracy-theorists. As if what "people say" proves the truth of an unsupported claim.

    And he makes fantastic claims. The worst one lately was "a tremendous flow of Strians coming into this country and we know NOTHING about them". Fact-checkers reported that there were only about 2,300 in the past 4 years and they each underwent an average of 2 years background investigation.

    The good news is that Trump seems to be getting abandoned by Republicans all over the nation, and is far behind in the polls even in States historically Republican. Seriously, he could lose NEBRASKA and Nebraska nearly DEFINES the idea of modern Republican solidarity.

    We are hoping for a 50 State sweep just to punish and humiliate Trump forever in history and to serve as an example of what a presidential candidate should NEVER EVER EVER be like again. That's not likely, but it sure would serve as an example to future generations...

  12. Isn't that election thing offur yet Noodle? It seems like it's been going on fureffur!!!

    Love your pic today - pawesomeness :)


    Basil & Co xox

  13. Those e-mails are NOTHIN' compared to the things 'that other one' has said and done.

    Oh you can trust him, all right. You can trust him to declare bankruptcy, leavin' the little guys to go under while he makes out like a bandit. You can trust him to alienate anyone who doesn't have the same skin colour or practice the same religion. You can trust him to always say the wrong thing at the wrong time, because his knowledge of world affairs is lackin' so much he's ignorant. And you can trust him to always look out for number one... himself. MOUSES!