Saturday, January 7, 2017

Blind Faith...

Okay, I admit it...this first part is a little snarky.

I guess the Trump campaign is having trouble getting celebrities for his inauguration...
not a real surprise after who showed up for the Republican Convention.
But still, now that he's the guy you'd think he could get a couple big names.
He's kinda like the kid in school who had the coolest car but couldn't get anyone to ride in it.
Even the Mormon Tabernacle choir isn't all on board...

Next up; some things you should be aware of...

The Trump administration sent out a letter to the  Energy Department demanding the names of climate change scientists... guess why? Guess what? They said NO!

Then there's the whole Internet situation ......
Turns out that Donald and his troupe have been making a lot of noise about Internet neutrality and censorship and that's creating quite a shakeup in that community.
Ever heard of the the wayback machine  ( yes, as in Mr. Peabody and Sherman )?
Turns out certain organizations that feel as though they are under fire with the incoming administration are busy backing up and moving files that could be seized or destroyed to other countries or implanting serious encryption so information will not disappear.

Speaking of the Internet and techie stuff, Donald Trump held a summit of tech people  at Trump Tower.
It was interesting to note that the only big name missing was twitter and you won't believe why!
You would think Donald loves the Internet with one of his BFF's being WikiLeaks and it's founder Julian Assange and all...

So with this new U.S.A., friend of Russia and censoring it's citizens and the media we should all be vigilant.
If you are a Trump supporter don't follow blindly. Watch what your candidate is doing as well as saying they may be two different things.
That wall you want him to build? Turns out it's not Mexico that's going to pay for it. It's coming out of the pockets of taxpayers like you and me.
And really watch what's happening with Medicare and Social Security or you may find yourself in a real fix!

And who knows what his next twitter frenzy will bring?

I find it odd that people keep saying "he'll change once he gets in the White House", really?
Just what makes people think he'll do that? There is not one scintilla of evidence to back that up.

Remember this is the guy who's priority was to tweet about Arnold Schwarzenegger
while the rest of the country was debating the ramifications of Russia hacking us!

So with just eight days to go, be vigilant.
No matter who you voted for don't be blinded by blind faith...

Have a wonderful weekend!

Noodle and crew


  1. I was surprised he tweeted about Arnold being that Apprentice is his show. He is quite arrogant.

  2. We hope all will be okay Noodle. Sometimes the things we fear the most never happen and that would be a good thing.

  3. Excellent post. I'm afraid his supporters have drank the KoolAid and will do anything he says. ObamaCare repeal won't take effect until 2020. Hmmmm. Thank he won't have to feel the heat or come up with an alternative. Oh, my fave is the letters in the paper telling us DT is going to be POTUS and we should support him. Meanwhile they've never supported our current POTUS.

  4. Oh Noodle! You are so wise! Come join Frodo, Zulu and Amarula in Canada- we got lots of bacon, snow and friendly people up here!

  5. Wish we could turn back the time..sigh... Pawkisses for an Easy Sunday :) <3

  6. As always Noodle, you be lookin' gawjus. We believe Trump was the better choice of da 2 evils we were given. we don't blindly follow him or any other human. Only God can fix da ills of this world and it's not yet His time. Big hugs to all.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  7. Yep, he created a lot of bad will. Now it's coming back to bite him.

  8. Many of us had very legitimate concerns about our current POTUS and it seemed like many of his supporters had blind faith in him as well. We survived, and will continue to do so. People need to calm down. Everything will be just fine.

  9. Oh, don't get us started on the orange cheeto head. We are not fans.

  10. It seems like every day I hear something that has me shaking my head in disbelief. I think all politicians are kind of conceded. They almost have to be because they're out there every day selling themselves. However, it's now been taken to an all new level by someone that claims he's not a politician.

  11. NOT looking forward to the next 4 years for sure!

  12. I love this blog and I am going to cite it on Loulou because I have some followers who absolutely believe that Mr Obama was the cause of all the evil in the USA (!) and that his medical achievements are a sham and that Trump is going to "make America great again" and on and on and on and I simply do not know what to do about this. Maybe they will read your blog, too.......thank you.

  13. In the world of change, fear, poverty, and war we all face, I hope all my pals in the US have four years of peace to reconcile their choices and make a better place for society as a whole. purrs ERin

  14. I would like to feel as optomiistic as some of the writers, but it seems ineffective to just hope and pray that things will get better.
    The next few days are packed with important happenings in DC that we must keep our eyes on.
    It is pretty crazy or I guess I see it as arrogant that the new possilbe members of the cabinet have not been vetted, not had FBI checks, or even sent in credentials.
    It would be wise of us to communicate with our representatives and encourage their vigilance. They may be in session for hours this evening or into the morning to look carefully at the Obamacare and see what can be done to preserve it.
    Hope to be a part of this blog in the future.

  15. I have always respected the President of the United States, but when the incoming 'president' spends his time dissing movie stars and removing the medical care from the people who need it most, and above all when I see a man who generates so little respect and so much fear worldwide - I fear for my friends in the USA.

  16. I hope that everyone is able to find peace moving forward. As a conservative, I'm not in love with Trump. He doesn't really follow conservative policy. I think he will end up supporting more liberal policies than people think he will. Only time will tell.

  17. We think you should be president, Noodle!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  18. Great post! Some very good points. Thank you for sharing! :)

    Take care,

  19. Great post Noodle, thanks fur sharing and feel free to move to Sleepy Hollow UK!

    Sweetest purrs

    Basil & Co xox

  20. Noodle thee kat mee an LadyMum do not mee-yow about pawlitickss butt wee will say wee are terrified of this Trump fell-oh! Mee not even call him "Mistur" as hee iss not a reespectfull purrson....
    Even tho wee are inn Canada wee are worried hee can mess our countree uppy!
    An wee are FED UPPY that all our Canadian chanelless keep doin newss bits on thee man! Wee not want to see him at sup-purr time mee can tell you THAT!!!!
    Wee reelly LUV Preseedent Obama an are sorry hee has to go.....
    ***paw patsss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxx an {{hugsss}} LadyMum