Saturday, July 22, 2017

You broke it, you bought it...

Throughout the campaign and through the last six months of this new presidency, I keep thinking,

can it get any worse?

Can there be anything else that can shock me?

Is there no line that won't be crossed?

How long can this go on?

What I have finally come to realize is that there is no bottom to this.

There is no line.

I used to believe that the party which is now in complete control was still true to America first.

Country before party,

That at some point they would say this is enough, this is too low.

But sadly I have been proven wrong every time.

There is no country first mentality.

Patriotism is just a sound bite.

But what they are so callously throwing away isn't theirs to discard.

The dignity of our country and the presidency.

Our reputation in the world.

That does not belong to them.

It belongs to all of us.

We have a president who is completely absorbed in himself and what he can get out of being president.

Just like he says he's a business man.

No one ever said he was a good or ethical business man.

And this is what happens when you treat the country like a business.

There are no out of bounds of decency and respect, it's just business.

And if you are going to run a country that way then lets face it you can strip it, bankrupt it, and even

sell it off to the highest bidder.

Its just business.

These lessons are not being lost on children who are watching these events as they unfold.

A cold, calloused disregard for anything that does not somehow benefit those in power is to be seen

somehow as strength when it is nothing more than selfish and petty indifference.

If we chose to sit idly by and allow those in power to break the basic ideals of this country without

holding them accountable, then can we be surprised and shocked by more and more incidents like   this?

And more importantly, are we all okay with that?

Have a wonderful weekend!

Noodle and crew


  1. To a certain personality, there ias no ""too low", no trick, no unpatriotic act, no disloyalty, no lie too far, etc. Not that I'm naming names... Oh, someone thought I was referring to someone in particular? Shows what that person thinks about the one they follow...

  2. Noodle gets it.

  3. Oh Noodle, we luv, luv, luv dat foto of you. We always luv color fotos. Mommy has a hard time makin' out da black and whites. So to see ya' there in all dat glorious color with those gawjus green eyes...MeOW

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  4. Noodle does get it. And it is all very scary.

  5. Mee-you Noodle thee Kat yur Selfie iss pawsum! An YOU should bee Purresident....Trump Chump iss one scarey Hu'man an wee inn Canada wurry fur our American nayburrss an fur our country!
    Mee misty-fied why peepull even voted fur him?????
    ***nose bumpsss*** Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

  6. Unfortunately we're not surprised by anything humans do these days!

  7. You ask a lot of good questions Noodle! I hope these ponderings don't stress you out too much and you get some sleep at night!

  8. Noodle, it's a crazy time we live in...and it just gets crazier and crazier.

  9. Noodles you get it! You seem to know what is wrong. The GOP will find out that we have had enough next election, when they loose all the seats in Congress and the Senate they have now. Hears to hoping!!!

  10. You are a wise kitty. And adorable.

  11. Points well made, all of them, this is happening elsewhere too when some politicians have sold out their beliefs and their countries so they can just have a taste of the power pie. I could go on but I have a Palace to run, furniture to buy, and the views of my peep to ignore... er... sorry meant to say consider and act upon.... Now apparently theres this guy in Eastern Europe who's selling some nice used seats from the House of Parliament....

  12. Your Selfie is so cute, Noodle, it hardly shows what's all going around in your head. It seems that a lot is out of controle these days. We still haven't the right government after the elections, because of all the disagreements, so it seems we have to take over their places, someone has to lead the Country right ;) Pawkisses for a worry-free day :) <3

  13. Most humans are stupid.

    You, on the other paw, would make a great president, Noodle!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  14. We don't get it either, Noodle, and our humans seem to think everyone's becoming too accustomed to how low things have gotten. Nothing is shocking anymore. Everything seems to be okay wherein that kind of behavior would have never flown before. These are new times, and yes, they are scary.

  15. Great idea - Noodle for President! You have our vote Noodle - Jane, Lily and Henry

  16. noodle.....aye; ewe iz gorgeouz; bee; if we could moove with out bee in quaranteened.... we wood ina fast minit.... what happened in florida thiz past week oh end waz bee yond despicable, in mor wayz N one ~~~~~~

  17. You nailed it Noodle.

    We speak as cats in NZ far away who used to have a lot of respect for Mr Obama.

    For us the President of the USA was powerful, gracious and the focus of much respect. He represented the USA. We are not sure anymore if the President respects his citizens when he takes away their healthcare and arts funding.

  18. I'm sure you would do a fabulous job,xx Speedy

  19. Noodle, you don't understand. This President is "different" and for many that makes his behavior OK. My new definition for "different": rude, disrespectful, untruthful, self centered, prejudice, hateful, etc.

    I wonder if he ever even typed up a resume? He inherited a family business. I believe the only other job he ever had was at The Apprentice. Sadly, he was able to avoid the draft during the Vietnam War. Military service would have been a good experience for him. Oh wait...I forgot. He knows more about Isis than the Generals.