Saturday, March 3, 2018

A little this, a little that...

First we have an update.

If you read our post last week you know that Dicks Sporting Goods has gone the furthest in doing something to stop some of the gun violence in this country by refusing to continue to sell automatic weapons and semi automatic weapons and raising the age to purchase any gun to 21..

The company expected a backlash, but something interesting happened!

We're waiting to see if anyone else is brave enough to follow in their foot steps.

Then there is Georgia's lieutenant governor Casey Cagle's battle with Delta..

Today Delta has had offers to move their base from Atlanta to Ohio, Virginia and several other states who are offering better and bigger tax breaks. So what happens if they move? Thousands of jobs lost. Tons of money goes away from the state. Not to mention it would all be due to  Mr. Cagle's inability to recognize and preserve the First Amendment!

Stepping away from the gun issue for a moment...

 So, what may you ask is a Jarvanka?

Next, we want to mention a really well done mini series that's on FX, The Assassination of Gianni Versace I can't emphasize enough how well done this series is. There are 3 more episode's on Wednesdays at 10pm. We won't be at all surprised if it garners many Emmy's come award time.

Then there is the on going saga of Hopeless In The White House.

Yes, Hope Hicks has left the building...
And along with her she takes any confidant Donald Trump had left.
With the dire straights that Jared and Ivanka find themselves in what's a poor president to do?
Start trade wars of coarse!

And finally, we feel compelled to acknowledge the milestone hit by President Trump this week.
He has spent 100 days of his presidency playing golf! 100 out of 407 so roughly one quarter of his time...funny I could swear I remember him saying something about never leaving the White House because they're would be so much work to do.

Those are your tax dollars folks...

Have a stupendous weekend!

Noodle and crew


  1. Hari OM
    Neatly gathered, Noodle and crew... Now enjoy the remainder of your weekend! Hugs and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. You have a grand weekend too Noodle. Hey, we watched that Versace program, it really was darn good!

  3. There been things a brewing west wing and it will continue until President Trump leaves. Although our country will survive
    Coffee is on

  4. As usual, hear, hear.
    And PLEASE read and comment the NYT article on the millinial generaion:

    Says it all. Loulou

  5. lol about Trump...and...if you remember he used to get on Obama for Obama's vacays in Hawaii...........maybe Trump would be in Hawaii too if he didn't OWN his own resort? catchatwithcarenandcody

  6. The mom wanted to watch The Assassin of Gianni Versace and when she went to watch it On Demand, she found out she had to pay for it! And we have FX as one of our cable channels. What the fluff????

  7. That is a lot of golf. Noodle, I love this photo of you.

  8. I remember hearin' him makin' A WHOLE WHACK of comments 'bout golfin' and stuff. Comments.. Promises.. Accusations.. STUFF. MOUSES!

  9. Lovely selfie!

    Mum recorded the Versace thing, which was shown here in the UK last week, but she hasn't watched it yet.

    Purrs xx

  10. We here in Canada are also worried about the trade wars! Stay brave Noodle!

  11. noodle...pleez ta watchez de seereez for uz; we due knot haz tee vee hooked up...& 984 pawz UP ta Dick's Sporting Goods !!!!!!!!