Friday, May 25, 2018

The call is coming from inside the house...

                                    ( baby Noodle archives )

This administration is happily dismantling, piece by piece every aspect of what we considered normal for the past two hundred and some odd years.

Many are thrilled to see the shrinking of government to non existence and the roll back of progress.

Like some how that will move us back to the 50's a place where a small portion of the population feels comfortable and safe.

But, no matter what you think of government, think about this...

If you get rid of government the CIA the FBI the DOJ the IRS and the FCC etc.

Who takes over?

The military perhaps.

If you were upset that the government was coming to take your guns what do you think will happen if there is no government.

Because any guns you have the military has bigger ones and more of them.

And who is the head of the military? Why Donald Trump.

Think about that a minute....

He's come for the media, the EPA, the FBI, legal immigrants.

He punishes his enemies.

And will gladly throw anyone under the bus.

When will he come for you?

Is anyone really off limits?

A fox doesn't go after a certain hen in the hen house, he'll go after any of them.

Ask your self are you better off today than you were two years ago?

Is the country better off?

If you said yes, please tell me how.

All I see is a greedy, self absorbed man who throws a tantrum if he doesn't get his way who is making a buck for himself and his friends in any conceivable way he can no matter what the cost to YOUR

There are no better trade deals, no fatter paychecks, no health care replacement.

The deficit has rocketed to new heights.

Company's are still moving over seas.

Steel workers and coal miners are still unemployed and in greater numbers than before ( so how's that deregulation working for you?)

Even Harley Davidson closed a plant, laid off 800 worker and gave the money to their shareholders  after that big fake photo op at the White House advertising the great tax cut deal.

Trump is like a bull in a china shop, breaking ties with allies, outing confidential sources, demolishing the lines between the departments of checks and balances that have kept us safe and honest ever since the country began.

Now it looks as though there will be no meeting between Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump.

Personally I never expected it to happen anyway.

So, no stabilization of the region for the benefit of diplomacy and mankind and no Nobel Peace Prize for Donald

But at least we'll have a coin.

It wouldn't surprise me if those same people who bought those coins from a now defunct meeting, aren't the same people who supported bombing a made up Disney country.

The call really is coming from inside the house.

And time is running out...

Have a wonderful weekend!

Noodle and crew


  1. Hari OM
    A tidy summary of the way things are... Meanwhile much of Britain (and certainly Scotland) is gritting its teeth in preparation for his visit here. Yeeech... Hugs and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. As usual, you say all of the truths about our country. But I would love you to read the NYT article about why liberals could be allowing Trump to gain another term...something to think about. It is found here:
    Food for thought. I am a liberal but it drew me up short and made me think in a new way. Am also now a fan of the ambassador to Panama who quit and the ambassador to Mexico who quit. Great New Yorker article about Sheehy, the Panama ambassador. Very uplifting. He just might change things.

  3. We wouldn't mind not having one of those agencies that begins with I, they are just plain mean.

  4. Hard to have a good weekend or any good day if one listens to the news. I think so many of us have stopped as we cannot stand hearing about even one more of Donald's shenanigans. I'm with you: I never thought there would be a meeting! Between his stupidity and what have become almost common place school shootings, our country is a total mess. I'd leave if I could. Maybe his entire plan is to make our country so inhospitable no one will want to come here, either legally or illegally. Keep telling it like it is. Some of us have the kind of blog where that is not possible. Sincerely, Kitties Blue Mom

  5. Oh boy. We're heading backwards...and that's not a good thing.

  6. Well, now we're hearing there WILL be a meeting. I dunno. Only if 45 has his way. And why hasn't he done anything about the EU telling us how to run our websites? I'm so disgusted with the way we're going backwards but remember, back in the 50s where we're heading, corporate tax rates were about 90%.

  7. So many good points! And well-articulated! I don't agree with all the points - but that's okay. I enjoy being challenged in my beliefs!

  8. you ask some very important and scary questions Noodle!! as always

  9. Everything is very depressing. I try to avoid watching the news. I love to see you though Noodle. XO

  10. noodle.....NOE... de countreez gone ta hell ina hand baskit...even uz catz can see that.....ona pawsitive note ♫ ...yur wee kitteh fotoz... bee ewe tee uz ~~~ ☺☺♥♥