Saturday, June 23, 2018

Faux pas or stratagy...

First let me say that I really could care less what Melania Trump wears.

I never cared what Michelle Obama wore either.

That's up to them.

Everyone has the right to express who they are through the clothes they wear.


Andrew Harnik  AP                                                 Zara

There are like a bazillion jackets out there and this is the one you pick to go "visit" little children who have been separated from their mothers and fathers because of your husband?


If you are the first lady of the United States, and you are representing this country you would think that you yourself or someone else would have had enough sense to see that jacket and realize it was totally inappropriate.

I mean you knew there were going to be news crews and photographers there right?

But you know what?

I can't think of one single thing this entire administration has done that's not totally inappropriate.

So, I guess when you put it up there with separating little children from their parents, putting them in concentration camps and then losing track of who they belong to, maybe the jacket incident isn't that horrible.

And maybe that's the point.

If you do enough insensitive, inhumane and disruptive things over and over and over again, everything just mushes into one big blob of outrage.

" Don't worry, they'll forget the jacket when we privatize Social Security". "And if not then, well we'll start up the Muslim Ban again, or imprison a couple reporters from the fake news".

We all thought it was crazy, once upon a time.

But you know what?

The jokes on us cause it's working!

Have a wonderful weekend...

Noodle and crew

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  1. Hari om
    Words fail... hope your weekend is brigher than this! Hugs and whiskeries YAM-aunty xxx

  2. Next election we will find out for sure if it is working or not!

  3. Deaf ears. They abound in our poor, damaged USA. The fact that this is allowed at all has been the greatest shock that much of the world has ever seen, along with the world wars, Vietnam, the twin towers...Trump has done more damage than anyone can imagine, and yes, the next election will tell all about who lives in our country. Bloomberg is contributing millions to the 'Democratic party...perhaps he will get down with the workers and rural inhabitants of small towns and get a message across that this damage MUST be repaired. For their sakes. For their childrens’ futures, for the future of world economy. All of this is unimaginable. But there it is, getting worse each day.

  4. I guess #BeBest really means #Don'tCare.

  5. I has to admit that jacket was worse than the UK trying to repatriate those that had come legal to UK from abroad on the Empire Windrush ship decades back. I doubt there is sufficient intelligence on the part of whomsoever dressed the first lady, or maybe that was a conspiracy! She should be looking at sacking her dresser, and a public apology for the slur it cast in her husband and US, after all that is who it reflects on once the press have seen it!

  6. Mee finkss peepull (an katss an doggiess) can make their own clothess choicess butt wee all should consider how wee look an what message wee are convayinn to thee werld around us. Rite Noodle? Mee iss a Buudhist mankat an if mee wore a vest with spikeyss an chainss it wood NOT convay thee rite message at all.jut mee opineeon….
    Yur selfie iss grate an mee iss happy to come visit you once again.
    **purrsss** Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

  7. i know! i couldn't believe the jacket thing either! Crazy and so sad

  8. They say she wore this for the media. Honestly, we're not buying it. Even if it was for the media, wear it another time...not when you're going to visit these poor children.

  9. Happy World Cat Domination Day ! XO

  10. noodle....we reel lee due knot care for polly tix N all it en tailz....frank lee we wood rather listen ta burd song than see
    any kinda any thing bout polly tix ~~~~ yea ~~~~~ itz come ta that


  11. Not only that she wore it, but she wore it on an 85 degree day when NO ONE in their right mind wears a jacket. She told us how they feel about those children.

  12. She is one crazy headed lady Noodle. Sad, inappropriate and really disrespectful to the office of her husband and its previous incumbents.