Saturday, December 22, 2018

The power of the written word...

Hand writing is an art.

It is becoming a lost art.

When was the last time you received a hand written letter?

That sensation of carefully opening an envelope addressed to you.

What kind of stamp was used to send it?

Unfolding the paper inside.

Perhaps it's parchment or pale blue with the faint scent of the person who composed it.

Letters from a grandmother.

A daughter or son.

Letters from someone stationed somewhere far away in the military.

A love letter stained with tears.

Lipstick kisses on the back of an envelope.

Little hearts or o's, to dot the i's.

Along with a  hand written letter come clues of the personality of the person who sent it.

Our handwriting reveals a lot about who we are.

Are the letters cursive or block print?

The depth of the impression left by the pen can tell you the persons mood while writing.

We can't tell any of these things in e-mails or texts.

Yes, now we can Skype and email and text and that's all great!

Instant communication has definite advantages.

But perhaps we should not be in such a hurry to forget the power of handwritten letters delivered

through the least while the mail still exists.

A hand written letter can be a powerful thing.

So grab a pen and some paper, write a letter.

If you're feeling really bold write one to your Senator or your congressman, you can even write one to Donald Trump (although, I hear he doesn't read much).

Write someone a letter.

Even if you never send it.

Have a wonderful weekend!

     Noodle and crew


  1. Hari Om
    I love writing and receiving same and this Christmas season have already had such exchange. There is a certain power that comes from 'hardcopy' that is lost in the etherprint world. Thank you for this meaningful post, Noodle... hope you are ready for the 'holidays'! Hugs and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. Yep, that sure is something that disappeared when someone decided to improve the education system.

  3. That is such a good idea. We should write more and type less.

  4. Oh noodle we write letters all the time and loved cursive writing. My mother and her hand writing from her mother and her mother learned from her mother and they all loved to write what was known then as long hand. Good to encourage it thank you very very much and happy holiday.

  5. I miss letter writing, it was so much more personal. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  6. my mother is a HUGE letter writer, she doesn't own a computer or smartphone

  7. That is so true. The handwritten letter is just so nice. Not to be seen these days which is too bad. Hope you have had a great Christmas.

  8. Meowwy Christmas to Noodle and his Noodle-ites.

  9. Very true, though Mum's handwriting is terrible :)

    Hope you had a lovely Christmas, Noodle!

    Purrs xx

  10. Thoughtful as usual Noods! I did actually receive a couple of handwritten cards this xmas!

  11. A handwritten letter can be kept and treasured, and saved for years. An email is read once, and gone forever with a click!

  12. We so agree Noodle. Mommy's always sayin' that so much gets lost in the translation or lack of it un emails and texts. There's no personality in the typed word. Big hugs

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena