Wednesday, September 11, 2019


We are re-posting a post we do every year on this date. It says pretty much what we feel today...

                                           a moment of silence...

While you are out and about today living your life we hope you will take a moment or two to reflect on the things you are grateful for...

Then we ask that you go one step further and preform just one
random act of kindness for someone you know well or someone you do not know at all.

We wish you a day filled with peace and comfort.

Humbly and with affection...

Noodle and crew


  1. I received a "sort of" random act of kindness today. My car battery is "iffy" lately. I usually keep a power pack in the car, but I used it on the riding mower and left it there for once because the car was starting really well.

    It died at the local convenience store.

    I asked for help and no one responded. OK, I lived only a mile away and could go get the power pack and carry it back to the car. But one guy started up his car and I begged him to just move 2 spots over and let me jumpstart my car.

    He was "iffy" about it, but when I told him I had really good cables and had worked at a car 0lace, he allowed it.

    My car started right up and I offerred him some money. He refused.

    So, rember that I mentioned trying to help someone else a month or so start their car. I told him about that.

    I said, this is the "pay it forward" they talk about. I drove home and am recharging the battery...

    Pay it forward...

  2. While we weren't alive, the Mom and Dad will never forget, never ever.

  3. .We try every day to do as many as we can

  4. A day that will never be forgotten. XO

  5. We treat others every day like we'd like to be treated although it often doesn't work that way.