Sunday, February 23, 2020

The best people...

With the ousting/ resignation of yet another key figure in the administration,

Mr. Trump has seen fit to install another one of his totally unqualified best people to take over the entire intelligence agency.

You know, all those pesky little people that the president doesn't like and doesn't believe because they are a part of The Deep State.

It reminded me of something I read awhile ago written by Ben Wittes;

First he came for Jim Comey,
and I said nothing because I was mad a Jim Comey because of the Clinton e-mail investigation and I blamed him for trumps election.

Then he came for Andrew McCabe and I said nothing because there was this inspector general report
that said McCabe lacked candor.

Then he came for James Baker and I said nothing because I had never really heard of Jim Baker and the FBI director is entitled to his own leadership team anyway.

The he came for Lisa Page and Peter Strzok and I said nothing because they sent text messages and the president and Fox News kept reminding me that they had an affair.

Then they came for Bruce Ohr and I said nothing because that one was so deep in the weeds that it made my head hurt and maybe Bruce Ohr shouldn't have been doing what he was doing anyway.

Then they came for Jeff Sessions and I said nothing because sh*t, it was Jeff Fu**ing Sessions and it actually took Donald Trump to discover the one or two honorable bones in his body!

Then he came after Sir Kim Darroch and I said nothing because he's a British government official and I have no dog in a fight over how UK staffs its embassies.

Then he came after Masha Yovanovich and I said nothing because ambassadors serve at the pleasure of the president. And he can remove ambassadors for any reason or no reason at all.

Then he came for Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman and his brother Evengy Vindman, and I said nothing because I was used to it...

And now say "goodbye" to Joseph Maguire and "hello" to Richard Grenell.

I wonder who's next????

Have a wonderful Sunday!

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  1. Broadly this reminds me of the acts and traits of a desperate man, or a man desperate to be something he isnt and hang on to something he never truly has had. Most dictators fall into this group – just saying.

  2. His dictatorship could be looking at Pence in his paranoid mind, who knows?

  3. Desperate time indeed. Now comes the opportunity for the USA to do what the UK did not - remove the idiots currently in power.

  4. If we do not get this guy out, it is our own damn fault and the Democratic party need to digest that and CHANGE. Work together, go into the trenches, give real info on how the working class will benefit and how the ultra rich will PAY what they owe to society. Many of the very rich actually want to pay more tax than the average earner. A progressivevtax isvlong overdue.

  5. We can't keep track of all the changes.

  6. And those are just the ones who made the news! Hundreds more, and let's hope they all start talking.

  7. "...and then they came for me...but there was no one left to care..."

  8. We just can't believe that this sh*t keeps going on and on. When will it end? Isn't there anyone or a group of anyones who can stop this madness like, now?!