Sunday, May 24, 2020

It's the economy stupid...

You may be asking yourself, why are some people in such a hurry to open up the states?

Probably because they need money and a place for their kids to go if they are working.

And they are watching as politicians scare the H E double hockey sticks out of them and convincing

them that saving the economy is more important that saving human lives.

What they are not saying is what they plan to do if this all goes t*ts up!

We still won't have enough ventilators, or hospital beds, or medical staff or supplies.

And here's the biggest question I have...

If the states open so the economy can revive but everyone is sick and or unemployed , WHAT GOOD DOES IT DO US?!!!

And discuss...

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Noodle and crew

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  1. Hari OM
    MOL, oh, Noodle, we are singing from the same sheet! The same beanfest is going on this side of the pond - and now another of our 'leaders' has been outed for breaking the very "guidelines" of which he himself was the architect. There is no sense of true direction at all. Everyone for themselves... and whichever way we paint it, the colours are dark and brooding. Sigh. Don't let it spoil your Sunday, sweet one. Hugs and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. Mee-yow wow Noodle yore inn supurr speed mode there!
    Wee toetallee agree here inn canada that openin too soon is goin come back an bite efurryone on their unfurry A$...tushiess....
    Our Province iss beein carefull butt sum peepell inn a big city south of us had lots of peepell inn a Park liek it was a Rock Concert! Our Premeer iss furry considered.
    Wee still not reelly flattened any curvey thing....still over 400+ cases a day an 25-30 deathss dailee.
    Where wee live only 90 casess an 81 ree-covered. Young ones NOT social diss-tancin or followin THE ruels...even sum LadyMew'ss age inn here havin peepell inn an pawtyin...
    ***sighss*** Ladymew said til one of them getss Covid-19 or one of their furamillee does, those peepeel will continue to flaunt ruless.
    Ladymew iss goin fore her Lidocaine shots tomorrow wearin a mask an glovess! Any time shee goess out shee iss takin purrcautionss!
    Pawss crossed our Hu"manss will bee OKay!
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma

  3. Very good points. I am in no hurry for anything to reopen. I prefer being alive to a little loss of freedom.

  4. "And Discuss"... OK.

    First, we are waiting for a World Leader to die of Covid-19. That will get the attention of the others. No one feels threatened until someone LIKE THEM suffers. They do not feel threatened when some old people in nursing homes die. They are not threatened when prisoners die. They aren't threatened when doctors and nurses and other first responders die from exposure treating infected people.

    They aren't one of "those people". But let it start hitting among themselves and action will be immediate. It's incredibly narrow-minded and selfish, but quite frankly, those are traits that politicians "generally" have.

    Trump refuses to be seen wearing any sort of mask. He thinks it shows "strength". No, it shows weakness and a lack of example. An N95 mask can also offer some protection to you from the virus droplets from others.

    As far as I can find, the Covid-19 virus can last 3-7 days on a surface. So I have a row of 4 of them (more unused). But since I only go out 1-2 weeks, each one has been sitting for at least 3 weeks. I trust that to be safe.