Saturday, September 5, 2020

A plea...

Please, let's not renew season two of the Trump show!

Please vote November 3rd, your life depends on it!

58 days until the election...

Have a fabulous weekend...

Noodle and crew

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  1. We cross our paws far away over the pond and hope everyone in the US votes and makes the choice of change. Purrs

  2. BRILLIANT, JUST BRILLIANT!!!!! Now can you get this out to most of the midwest, south and Florida?

  3. People just need to VOTE!!!! Every single vote counts.

  4. noodle...thiz iz two funnee !!!!! :) did yur purrson make de poster ?? !! ☺☺

  5. We just can't believe that there are still sane, adult humans that think anything good comes from another 4 years of the f*cking moron idiot clown baby show.

  6. Everyday the election gets closer makes me more worried about an "October Surprise". So far, he has promised a Covid-19 2 days before the election, gotten himself nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, and I am waiting to see who he will declare a fake war against at the last minute.

    Aside from all the voter supression and delayed Post Office tricks, it is going to be a close call...