Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Collateral damage?


There is too much talk about hate and revenge.

There are too many people threatening civility with guns and hate.

There are too many death threats floating around.

There is too much anger left unchecked.

Will it really take someone to be killed or injured for us to take a breath and stop the hate filled  rhetoric?

Hasn't the pandemic done enough damage?

Are we now really only gladiators in a battle for humanity?

Are we as a civilization now so consumed with our own personal vengeance and vitriol that we will literally cut off our nose to spite our face?  

We would be wise to remember this parable...

Have a wonderful Wednesday!
Noodle and crew


  1. noodle; we haz said it bee for; we will sayz it again; we iz GLAD we iz CATZ...and knot PEEPULZ ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ewe bee lookin gorgeouz two day bye de way ♥♥

  2. The Republicans, educated or non-college members, are intent upon destroying our democratic way of life. 17 states are calling the elections fraudulent, unimaginable to process, given that our country WAS a democracy, but alas, the workers and poor have been neglected too long and so the time has come for them to protest the politics for the elite. That’s good. But what is not is that there are so many unable to think critically about issues. Even the educated are uneducated in decision-making. So sad. But Biden has promised to educate everyone differently - if only it will happen in the lower levels of poverty-stricken familites. Margaret Thatcher does not lead our country....we need education and earning power for ALL.

  3. history repeats itself
    the rise and fall of the .......

  4. The country is so polarized...still. We purr for peace.

  5. Deer Noodle Cat what you meowed iss so true!! Even now inn CAtnada there iss sum unrest an bad thingss happenin. Yore rite 'bout Covid doin enuff damage an all this goin on inn THE Statess iss furry scary an wrong.
    Deemocracy meenss fairness an guud fore efurryone. An fore gettin along an findin thingss that bring peepell together NOT deevide them....
    Even wee catss KNOW this!
    Wee purray fore sanity to reetern to yore country.
    **purrss** BellaDharma an <3 LadyMew