Monday, August 15, 2022

Just one last note...


We have seen difficult days lately, just as 0thers have.
We have hoped and hoped to be able to return again.

But it was not to be
We will miss you and love you and hold you in our hearts

  All our love


  1. Noodle we will miss you, we hope you will keep in touch. ((hugs)) POTP and purrs your friends 4ever.

  2. noodle…we lovez ewe all wayz and we hope ewe all wayz rememburrr that. stuffz stooopid in trout towne
    with inter netz and wee haz knot been abe bull two blog. pleez look
    for R cardz still and all de time in yur in box, with hugz and lovez and missin ewe two ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Sorry I missed this post back in August ( my sister was dying). I will miss you and I hope you change your mind and post sometime so we can see your adorable face. XO

  4. Mark's Mews Here: We were reviewing our feeder list and wondered why you had stopped posting. We hope you are OK, and maybe just found other things to do.

    But be assured we miss you...

  5. still thinking about you noddle. Hope you have a merry christmas!