Thursday, February 13, 2014


" Hello, Dave here at WCATS, let's check in with Noodle at the weather desk..." "Hi, Noodle here, lets take a look at the map shall we... Well it looks like snow in Atlanta... hum lets go on over to North Carolina... so, just more snow. OK, lets check out New York City... oh I see where this is going... So, to sum up; we have snow, more snow and yep, some more snow...back to you Dave..."

Moving on...

It is my hope that I, Noodle am nothing if I am not open minded and as unbiased as possible... so I want to give a big fuzzy hug to Republican Governor Jan Brewer from Arizona for her determination to get health care to her constituents by standing up to her own party and expanding medicaid;

Sometimes there is justice even if it is small; A big fuzzy hug to this judge who denied bail to the gunman in the Florida theater shooting;,0,1380543.story#axzz2sllaU3C8

Sometimes even your hero's appear to fail to live up to your expectations. Although I voted for President Obama twice, there have been many of his decisions that I do not agree with. This is one of those decisions...And so I am giving  the president a sticky paw for allowing food stamps to be cut as a part of this bill...there are children starving right here.
Who would have thought that the day would come when Jan Brewer got a fuzzy hug and the president got a sticky paw? Now that's what I call  being objective...

A sticky paw and a hairball too, to us. Yes you heard me right...
I honestly do not know what to say about this next terrible incident. I feel the urge to bring up gun prevalence in our society but I know that, that alone is not the answer.
I know that guns are a touchy subject but that we need to keep a dialog going, we need to find common ground somewhere... I do not accept that we as a civilized society can not or will not do everything in our power to prevent what happened in Aurora, Newtown, Columbine, Virginia Tech and all the other places to numerous to mention...these incidents are becoming much to common. This case in particular epitomizes a certain
sense of self righteousness we have seen developing in recent years. It is unbecoming of a great nation and it's people. If great is what we want to be then I think we all need to step up.
( as this is being written, the jury is deciding the outcome of this case...)

Even Arnold Schwarzenegger, when he was Governor, found common ground on a form of gun identification which was  put into effect in California not that long ago;

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Have a great and hopefully snow free weekend!

Noodle and crew


  1. I think you should give a sticky paw and hairball to the groundhog! We are not too happy with that goofy groundhog down this way!

  2. LOL Brian's comment. We so agree. Happy Valentine's Day to you and may you and your family have a fabulous day.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. happee hearts day oh love two ewe noodle N heerz two a red snapper kinda week oh end !! :)

  4. Happy wintry Valentine's Day <3

    Emma and Buster

  5. Happy Valentine’s Day! Jan Brewer has been doing some good stuff regarding ACA in her state. I’m giving kitty kisses to NJ Senator Cory Booker who took time out to look for a No-Kill shelter for a stray woofie today.

  6. Happy belated valentine day xx