Friday, February 28, 2014

    UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL and a bit out of the frame...

Oh, I did a bad, bad thing! I couldn't help noticing that the human had all kinds of nifty kitty stuff on the table. Well of course I figured it was for me...I mean who else would it be for? All of a sudden she was putting all the goodies in a box! What the...
When she went into the other room, I decided to check out the situation and stealthily climbed up on the chair to see what I could deduce. There before my very eyes was a box of toys and nibbles...
well I did what any cat in my position would have done, I swiped a few of the goodies right out of the box. That will show her!
That's when I found out that the box was full of prizes for those darn cats in the fridge for wining our contest. Oops...

So I am here to say, "sorry, I am replacing the mousie I took out of your box with one without slobber on it. Once again, sorry".  I've been a naughty Noodle...


It just goes to show what one little kitty can do! Just think, Governor Jan Brewer vetoed that icky bill and I'm sure it was all because she didn't want to lose her fuzzy hug from me...( yes, I am that adorable) Plus, I'm giving her an extra fuzzy hug for all the flack she is taking from her own party... you go girl!

It was just what we needed, a bill that would allow teachers, parents, babysitters and others... to legally "spank" kids even if it leaves bruises! The bill was defeated.

Feeling a little nerdy?  Theoretical physicist Brian Greene is on a mission to bring science to kids and grown ups too. You can learn about the theory of relativity and just what string theory is at;  Classes are FREE! Check out more at;

And for those of you who skip to the end for the fun stuff, I'm not referring to anyone in particular...Wally and Ernie;

Here is another funny Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake video;

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Have a great weekend

Noodle and crew


  1. Oh, c'mon...Surely the winners would cherish a mousie with your slobber on it.

    As for "string theory," we could give lessons on that. (What do you mean, it's not the same kind of string theory? What other kind could there be?)

  2. Yikes bloggy gremlins!!! LOL well Noodle the box was open and there for the taking so how were you to know????? Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Well, on the plus side, you have gorgeous whisker humps! I'm sure no one will blame you for treat theft.. And the winners will be glad to know that they're good treats, why would you steal them if they werent, right?

  4. My cats believe that if it's in the house, it belongs to them, so I'm glad you swiped that mousie!

  5. Noodle, Cat treats and toys in your house SHOULD be for you. No person or kitty can blame you for dipping into the box; though, we are sure Crepes appreciates you replacing a slobbery mouse with a new one. Our mom loves herself some "Jimtin"; even though, she is super old! Have a great weekend all. Purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  6. haha. Noodle - the dog uses all our toys. Another cat doing so probably isn't the worst thing in the world. We're so excited to see this box. Holy Cow!!!! - Crepes. PS. We would have done what you did. Feel no shame, Noodle. We support you.

  7. You stole ... um, borrowed a mouse from Cats in the Fridge? Good job. Bet that taught your human a lesson! Hope she didn't learn too well, though, or you'll never get to swipe anything from a box again.

  8. MOL! Noodles, we bet Crepes would have loved to get a mousie with your slobber on it!

  9. We are lucky if we get a mouse presented whole to us lol

  10. What a fancatstic close up!!

    Best Monday purrs

    Basil XOX