Saturday, May 31, 2014


In the wake of this last mass shooting I feel the need to say a few things so here goes;
I am a very open minded kitty cat. Just because I don't have a gun doesn't mean I don't support your right to have one. But here's what I don't understand...why does anyone need more than one and why does anyone need an automatic weapon ( the key word here being WEAPON )?

I think this is where a lot of people part ways in the gun debate. There is no use for an AK47 except to kill people, period! It feels like we have gotten to the point where " I want this rocket launcher just because I want it" is what some are labeling freedom.

If there is a case to be made that you have a constitutional right to carry your automatic weapon into the local Starbucks because to not let you would infringe upon your freedom somehow, then there is also a case to be made that I should be able to go to the local Starbucks without having guns bumping my chair and scaring my kids. It seems that freedom is a relative term to some and they are happy to throw it about when it suits them but please don't forget freedom is for EVERYONE.

The NRA tries to make the case that the answer to all the gun violence is to have more guns. Give them to teachers and preachers and judges and why not  give them to people on juries ( just in case while deliberating you don't agree with me ) but if we are going to do that we need to give them to the lawyers and prosecutors and then what about the defendants rights? Better give them one too, what could possibly go wrong?

Look, I'm not naive we will never have a gun free society ( although if you look at England and Australia and other countries they seem to be managing just fine without them ) but maybe we should think about the old adage " everything in moderation ",  I think that there are more people who would like to see less of a gun presence in this country than there are those who feel they need to arm themselves to the teeth... but then that's just my opinion and I'm just a cat.

One more thing, no matter what your point of view on is NOT OK to try to intimidate people while holding a gun! That's not freedom or anything to do with the second amendment. That's just plain being a bully!

Thanks for listening,

Noodle and crew


  1. Power to the Paw! Freedom of speech is still OK.

  2. A very interesting post. We are very much against guns being taken away from citizens, but we agree there is no need for military weapons of war in the hands of citizens.

  3. We can't really comment as we have very, very strict gun laws here and most of the population do not have one at all but we say good on you, you have the right of free speech. Have a serene Sunday and let us all partake of some big easy today.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Words of wisdom, my friend. Words of wisdom, for sure.


    PS. Anyone points a gun at me, I'll pee on 'em. The peep? She'll call the police and luckily for us, we have an RCMP officer livin' just across the street. purrs

  5. I should have the FREEDOM to go to a public place and feel SAFE. Someone walking around with an assault weapon does not make me feel safe. Go play with your weapons at a gun range. They are not for walking around in public (unless you are a terrorist, in which case it is definitely a big NO). I am not against guns, just stupid people who think terrorizing others is their right and should be their freedom. It is NOT! Hooray for Noodles!