Saturday, May 3, 2014

This Weekend We Suggest You Practice "The Art Of    Watching Nothing"...

But first it's time for sticky paws and hairballs vs. kitty kisses and fuzzy hugs;

First up, We salute the Republican Party for what can only be called an interesting take on history...
many ideas that came from Republicans such as the individual mandate for health care, immigration reform, background checks for guns and many more are now considered Democratic, liberal and socialist idea's...
So here's a big sticky paw to The new Republican party, as they like to re brand themselves, for voting NO on their very own idea's, over and over again.

Next, a big sticky paw to the IRS for seizing the tax refund of a woman after 47 years!. The reason? It was a debt they felt her deceased parents owed. This is happening a lot lately, will you be next?

And a sticky, sticky paw to the Veteran's Administration. Up to 40 vets have died in Phoenix, Arizona while waiting to get medical treatment;

On the fashion scene; a hairball to all the money (we can only guess how much)  paid for outrageous hats for the Kentucky Derby this year (OK, we admit they are fun but still... there are children starving all over the world!). their mantra must be;"If you've got it, spend it!"
Check it out;

                                               We just had to ask...what about the guy's?

                                                        photo from Huffington Post

A really big sticky paw to John Boehner for dragging out Benghazi once again! The job numbers are up again and unemployment is down. The Affordable Care Act hasn't brought down Armageddon... what's a poor Republican to do? Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi! No matter how many times you say it, it was a terrible tragedy but nothing more... maybe if congress hadn't cut the budget for Embassies it wouldn't have even happened...

And, a sticky paw to the American people...polls show that President Obama's numbers are low when it comes to his handling of foreign affairs, sighting weakness, yet the majority of Americans DO NOT want the U.S. involved in any more which is it America? Diplomacy or armed conflict, make up your mind...

( our apology's for so many sticky paws but sometimes that's just what there is out there... )

And finally... check out Jimmy Fallon and Brian Williams;

Have a great weekend!

Noodle and crew


  1. That is terrible about the veterans and to be honest we are no better here. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Oh Noodle, you will take all weekend to get that sticky off you paw!

  3. We watched the Derby yesterday. Our human's old enough to remember when it was about the horses, trainers and jockeys, not the stupid hats and fashion, etc. Did you see the bit with the $1000 mint julep? Now, mind you, they were making/selling those for charity--horse rescue. So a good cause, absolutely. Our human says if she had $1000 disposable income, she could do something else with it, though. Like buy us food, pay a bill, etc.

  4. Well alright - we will!
    xo Catherine