Saturday, May 28, 2016

The Art Of Hyperbole...

                Noodle's poor little head is spinning with all the contradictions in Mr.Trumps statements...

When he's not playing the victim Donald Trump's fall back position is to continuously brag about his wealth ( but he will never release his taxes so we just have to take his word )
Then he will go on to expound on his amazing poll numbers (they are the best and biggest believe him!)
Then how this group of people loves him and that group loves him...( again, forget reality just believe...magic!)
Then using the vocabulary of a toddler he moves on to calling everyone childish and belittling names;

Low energy Jeb
Crazy Bernie
Pocahontas referring to Elizabeth Warren
Crocked Hillary
Lying Ted
Little Marco

So and so is horrible because they dared to disagree with him or confronted him with actual facts that he can't dispute and thus another tirade begins.
Look nobody said he has to like these people but use at least a modicum of  discretion when  talking about them. You are asking to be the leader of the free world for goodness sake!

Then it's on to poor little Donald and all the people who are picking on him ( I wonder if he's ever heard the adage don't dish it out if you can't take it...)
"The media hates me"
"The system is rigged against me..."
"I have to do it, I have no choice..."
"They're mean to me...."
"It's very, very unfair..."
"I would never say that...but let me say that."
"I don't bring these things up,  I just repeat them."
"They attacked me first..."or the more often used "They/he/she started it..."
"I didn't mean that, it was just a suggestion..."(this apparently applies to EVERYTHING)

After which he throws out insult after insult and out and out proven false statements as well as blatant lies; "suggesting" things like;
The Clinton's were somehow involved in murders...
The president is NOT an American...
Ted Cruz's Father had something to do with John F. Kennedy's assassination...

And amongst this litany of words there are no policies, no plans, 
just insults, innuendos, suggestions and empty promises...

Disagree? Go on the interwebbie and google Trump speech's  and take a listen to a few
or watch this documentary that was done 20 years ago but unreleased until recently and hear his own words.
The bottom line...if you eliminate the hyperbole and arrogance there is nothing left but a lot of preening and pandering.
And that my friends will NOT create jobs, take care of veterans, or make us safer.

( next week it's Hillary's turn )

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

Noodle and crew


  1. It is keeping a lot of the new media and pundits employed Noodle MOL!

  2. When we hear snippets of his "speeches" it sounds like he's just throwing out whatever he's thinking at the moment or insulting someone in the audience. Brian is right, though. Scary.

  3. You have said it well, Noodle and it does make your head spin ... scarily so ... like that kid in the "exorcist", come to think of it, DT may be from the "exorcist" ... ugh.

  4. We can't believe that people actually support this guy...given the way he talks and belittles others.

  5. I hope you see the film, Trump, which we watched several nights ago on Apple and it is hair-raising. See blog tomorrow..Noddle and I see eye to eye, that's for sure.

  6. I can see why your poor little head is spinning Noodle.

  7. He's scary, and the scariest thing is that he went so good and so far in the campaign. Purrs

  8. Oh Noodle me can hardly make out your gawjusness there. Calm down, we kitties don't have to worry 'bout such things. Dat's fur our humans. MOL Hope you have a great weekend.

    Luv ya'


  9. Yes, but every time people said he was through they were wrong. I think there's a very real possibility that he'll be elected President. Scary.

  10. TBT here, Noodle: I agree completely. Trump is somewhere between "nuts", "hypocritical", and "sick". One thing I have noticed is that Trump likes to insult someone bigotly then say, "but he is OK, I like him"... That way, he feeds his supporters the hate, but deflects the media evaluation.

    My personal opinion is that Trump hates almost everyone (as competitors), but has the talent to say almost anything off the top of his head to not answer questions about his statements.

    He reminds me of William Jenning Bryan who had a brain as wide and shallow as a plate. Equally populist, at least he had a main goal of the gold standard, but that was as stupid as anything The Donald as supported.

    Keep up the good posts.