Saturday, November 25, 2017

Quintessential Barbie or the dead squirrel in the room...

                                  (baby Noodle archives)

When I was seven, my friends and I were walking home from school one day when we came upon a dead squirrel.
None of us had any experience what so ever with death.
But there lay the squirrel at the base of the big cherry tree right in from of my grandmother's house.
I can still picture the scene in my head, 5 seven year old's gathered in a circle around a dead animal.
We decided to give it a proper burial in the back yard thus began the search for a coffin.

We descended upon my bedroom looking for some type of box in which to put the remains of said squirrel prior to it's burial.
That's when I spotted my Barbie Doll.
The doll was a prized possession and as such I was extremely careful to always put her back in the box in which she came every time I played with her.

Now I was debating using her box to bury a squirrel.
In the end the squirrel won.
And was laid to rest in Barbie's box.

That's what I used to think about when anyone mentioned Barbie Dolls.

Until now...

Now consciously or subconsciously the only thing that comes to mind when I hear Barbie Doll is Ivanka Trump.

It's not so much that she looks like a Barbie Doll it's more her persona.
She seems plastic.
not real
I guess the word I'm looking for is pretend .

She's like a shiny Christmas ornament.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to be mean but other than promoting her "business"
I'm not sure what her function is except to stand there and look good.

But now she has a platform from which to peddle her brand and make a little more money.

But be careful what you wish for...
because now it seems to be coming back to bite her in the a**!

Just recently she was inundated by nasty memes after tweeting about the appropriate Thanksgiving table setting which was so far off the mark for ordinary people that it was a joke.

Now she's off to India to do...what? Be window dressing?
Make a deal on lower costs over seas to produce her clothing line?

The White House now seems to have become some bizarre version of the Sopranos
with money laundering and back door deals with shady governments all contributing in some way to the financial interests of the Trump family.

Take for example the almost indictment of Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr. in 2012.

Funny, I can remember a time ( was it only a year ago?) when we would have thought that all of this must be in reference to some third world country.

Rampant corruption, money flowing in from Russia and who knows where else.
Indictment's being handed down on a daily basis...

But on the plus side, at least we have Ivanka Trump to tell us all just what to wear to the next Congressional hearing.

Have a wonderful weekend...

Noodle and crew


  1. Hari OM
    Barbie has more taste. 's all am saying on this one! Have a fine weekend Noodle darlin'. Hugs and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. Actually I'm still stuck on the squirrel part of the story. Have a fun weekend Noodle!

  3. What makes me, and many, nervous, is that a country so weakened by this debacle, politically and socially, is a perfect target for takeover. Metaphorically speaking, that is. But aren't we already in the hands of the Chinese and Russians in so many ways? If I were a predator country, I would be making big plans to acquire the USA. Scary. BUT WHERE ARE THOSE FIGHTING BACK AND REFUSING TO HAVE OUR IDEALS AND ETHICS CORRUPTED DAILY BY IGNORANCE??? The middle of our country believes lies and continues to believe lies, which are the basis of our government now. How we got to this place starts with, it seems to us, very poor education from the ground up. And, unfortunately, parents who had ethics and taught children how to behave kindly and thoughtfully in the world, are two generations back......sad, but true. Since we are a country, also, of turning things around, perhaps we will eventually create a sense of morality and ethics once again, but it certainly looks as if that time is a long, long way off. And who is going to take the place of a possibly impeached president? Good question.

  4. We wonder what the heck she does too...other than look pretty.

  5. That was sweet of you to give up your Barbie box for the dead squirrel. I have never been a fan or Barbie dolls or people that resemble them. XO

  6. MOL Noodle, we went and looked at the table decoration and subsequent replies - the replies are brilliant!!! Thanks mew so much fur sharing!!! MOL

    Big hugs

    Basil & Co xox

  7. act shoo a lee wunder ...a lot.....what any one in polly tix doez......but then, we IZ just stooopid catz....

    pee ezz....we iz glad yur mom dinna find a vizshuz squirrel dead in de room....whoa....coz then it wood be like, how did de bass terd get IN de houz...

    :) ☺☺♥♥

  8. TBT here: When I was a kid, we used to even bury TOADS in boxes. Mom learned to keep a supply of small boxes in a closet. She also kept some sturdy plant labels to mark the spots. In occurs to me now that she did that so we would dig up a previous burial. I'm sure we all thought the animals we buried would stay intact forever (just "sleeping"). It probaly also helped us that we moved every few years...