Friday, January 19, 2018

Let it go...

Feeling blue?

Feeling anxious, stressed and over whelmed?

The economy is strong.

Unemployment is low.

Yada, yada, yada.

But people aren't feeling like things are getting better.

Of course there isn't  just one reason for this dilemma, there are many.

But, I think the one that is doing the most damage to society in general is something I call Trump Fatigue.

It's that daily if not hourly continuous barrage of minutia coming at us from every conceivable
nook and cranny about this president and his administration.

It's every where, every minute of every day and there's no escaping it.

It's down right exhausting!

It's all the salacious, undignified, brazen and blatantly conflict ridden abominations flowing out of the White House every single day.

It's been one year and there is no sign of it ending any time soon.

And so we are buried under so much minutia that we aren't focused on what's really important.

There is just too much to sort through.

The danger is that everyone will throw up their hands and give up. It's easier to accept defeat than to wade through a ton of crap every single day.

But remember this:

that's how democracies fall!

That's how dictators rise!

So, take your vitamins and get out your shovels...there's a heck of a lot of crap to clean up before we can fix this.

If all of this makes you feel agitated, anxious and maybe even a little angry, take a deep breath...let it out slowly and count to ten.

And if that doesn't help, try this courtesy of The Big Bang Theory...

Stay strong!

Noodle and crew


  1. Hari OM
    MOL; I LOVE the BBT and finish every day with a double episode. Get perspective, right?! Great counter-balance to the 'news'. Hugs and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. Just seeing your adorable face makes me feel better. XO

  3. We always have loads of crap with eight of us here Noodle so we're used to it.

  4. I don't know Noodle! This breathing thing doesn't seem to be helping me feel any better! What craziness!!

  5. Hope tomorrow you'll be out on the front lines in your local #Impeachment rally.

  6. Yes there plenty of trouble in world. But still each of us can count our blessings...Both my clients I take care was doing much better. So work day was easy
    Coffee is on

  7. Did you know that the NRA contributed 35,000,000 to the Trump campaign and the Russians another 20,000,000. Read the article in the NYT today about Collusion of the NRA and the Russians. Very disturbing.

  8. Noodle, you are so right. Every day it's something new with this guy. It's so exhausting.

  9. "America first" what Trump screamed through his elections made it unfortunately "last" and sad to say he is a comic figure but certainly not a president. I always think he plays like a little boy.

  10. It is exhausting, all the crazy coming at us these days.

  11. I'm thinkin'... I'm thinkin' that one day soon, all that stuff bein' shovelled is gonna hit the fan and boy-oh-boy will there be a big ol' stinker then. MOUSES!

  12. noodle.....sorree yur mom made ya type minutia... inn stead oh *&^%$# up $#itz


  13. TBT here: Yeah, Trump is unpredictable (even to himself). One talking TV head explained that part of the problem is that, while they explain one silly tweet, Trump has made several more and they can't keep up with them all. So he he gets away with a LOT!

    And didn't you love the medical report by his Dr? It sounded like Kim Jong-un's medical reports. Full of "healthiest", "could live to 200", "perfect", etc. And this when Trump is borderline obese, has very high bad cholestoral, eats bad food and soda all day, and won't exercize? That sure doesn't sound "outstanding" to ME!