Saturday, April 7, 2018

Who are you people!???

We may just have reached the bottom of the indecency dumpster.

There are a few news outlets and various long forgotten,"celebrities" along with some commentators out there that are lining up like a firing squad to attack some of the hundreds of thousands of kids who protested and continue to protest for some type of gun reform.

I understand why Donald Trump would castigate them, after all they had much bigger crowds than he ever has or ever will.

But who the hell invited all these other people to dump on these kids who are out there pursuing their constitutional right to freedom of speech?

Seriously...who are you people ?! And what have you done with integrity?
You are picking on and bullying traumatized teenagers!
Does that somehow make you feel important and "strong"?

My advice to you...grow up and get a life.

Hurray for the kids!

Noodle and crew


  1. That's how we felt. These people should pick on people there own age and not kids who have seen their friends and peers cut down.

  2. Ugh, they are just pathetic. Pickin on kids.

  3. We are with you 100% Noodle & Crew- it’s a disgrace to our country that so called adults would act this way.

  4. Amazing what these young adults are doing. Very moving. If only they could MOVE HIM OUT!!! Incredible, this Trump mania. But all manias die away....

  5. Hari OM
    I deplore the falsehoods and vitriol of the commentatators as you pointed out to us Noodle... however, I deplore it not because it's aimded at young adults, (as bad as the shootings themselves I'd say), but because it is there at all. It is such a common, lower demoninator, method of idiots to deal with what they perceive as threat. That they are perceived as threat only strengthens and validates the cause of these young people among those of us who see through the smoke and mirrors. ...and blackens further our opinion of the perpetrators of such abuse.

    I don't think you follow my 'magazine' blog, but this post and comments may interest you... Hugs and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  6. I think integrity left the building a long time ago Noodle.

  7. Kids are the next generation of leaders and also the next generation to suffer. I cant see why anyone WOULDN'T want to listen to what they have to say, and WOULDN'T want to take positive action. Sadly that situation say a lot about those in power, what they care about and how little they care....

  8. Some people are just stupid.

    Love your pic, Noodle!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  9. What would they say if someone with an assault rifle was shooting at them ? The kids have already proved they can take it. The people you are talking about can only dish it out !

  10. Those kids deserve nothing but praise for trying to make a difference. XO

  11. People can be crazy Noodle--that is why it's better to stick with cats!

  12. We are with you Noodle. 1,000,000% We love those kids, we don't love the people....

  13. noodle; if we did knot hafta go inta quaranteen.....we wood bee sendin
    ewe thiz message....frum out of thiz countree.......itz gone bee yond hell ina hand baskit.......

  14. That seems to be the sad credo for many these days--when faced with the truth, attack. It is sickening.

  15. The plain MEANESS of conservatives attacking the students who experienced the shootings at their schools at calling them "opportunists" and even "actors", saying it is all "fake news", is nearly beyond comprehension.

    But I probably should not be too surprised. These are people who value "winning" so much that they would cheat at checkers playing their children...

  16. Wee not watchin newss with Trump Chump on....LadyMum ternss thee chanelle to "Big Bang Theory" efurry time. Wee inn Canada do not want to lissen to such a scarey purrson....iss hee fur reel????
    Noodle iss grate to see yur all most selfie!
    **nose bumpsss** Siddhartha Henry xXx