Saturday, June 9, 2018

pandoras box...

I'm old enough to remember a time when we worked feverishly to demand rules and regulations (such a misrepresented word these days) for clean air, clean water, voting rights and equality.

We made great strides and great mistakes and learned from them all.

We cherished the strides and eventually somewhere down the line we tried to correct the mistakes.

Most things in life can be corrected.

Then there are the things that can not be undone.

I hear people say, yes we have fallen off a proverbial cliff but the union is strong and it will survive.

I'm not so sure anymore.

I fear we have opened Pandora's Box and there is no going back.

Basic common courtesy has been replaced by a sense of me first.

Is that what Make America Great Again meant?

America first no matter what the cost?

America alone?

That sounds more like America the spoiled brat to me.

"If you don't do what I want, I'll pick up my marbles and go home".

That's not being strong, that's being childish.

I get the distinct feeling that if this president had his way the G7 would be the G4 and would consist of;

the USA
China and
North Korea

Not democracies but dictatorships.

Not allies but demigods.

Everyday now we are witness to every rule in the Constitution being bastardized or broken.

Spun into something it was never meant to be.

Yet no one is held accountable.

I fear like all those little evils that escaped Pandora's Box, we didn't close the box in time...

and time has run out.

We are now faced with the consequences.

The dye is cast.

The genie is out of the bottle

and there is no putting Humpty Dumpty back together again.

But at least there is this.

Have a wonderful weekend...

Noodle and crew


  1. The pendulum swings to and fro. I think it will swing back again. Don't look so worried, Noodle! Bellingham's a bit of a drive just for ice-cream! If it were closer I'd say lets have a party there!

  2. Hari OM
    Ice cream fixes quite a few things right?.. Love that spoiled brat analogy. Spot on, I'd say. Have a good one Noodle mate. Hugs and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  3. Hopefully things can start being fixed this November, and then again in 2 years (assuming a certain cheeto in chief is not impeached).

  4. Crikey Noodle ..... you got it right, mate. ICECREAM fixes EVERYTHING!! I'm sure things will work out.

  5. Identity politics will not help the Democrats. They need to get out into small rural towns and talk aboit kids’ education, safety in one’s old age, good salaries for all—truckers, coal minors, shopkeepers, families from all economic areas, and let them know that Democrats want rights for ALL, not just identity groups, gays, blacks, transgender, and so on. And we had better get to work fast.

  6. It gets worse and worse, Noodle. We wonder what will happen this week in Singapore.

  7. Sad but true. I don't even hold that much hope for November unless the Democrats start addressing issues that matter to the working class. I hope they keep 45 in Singapore cos there are no more checks and balances here. Soon we'll have no allies either if one of the G4 attacks us. That's what they're hoping for.

  8. There are a lot of problems in this country and everywhere . Looking at your cute face cheers me up though.

  9. When the US attacks it's best allies, and supports its worst enemies just because they are "strong leaders", we have lost our way.

    There is going to be a peaceful political revolution some election soon. I don't know if it will happen in 2018, 2020, or even 2022, but it is coming. Mostly, we are waiting for the Old White Conservatives to die off.

    Which is sad in a way. They are the ones who mostly fought WWII and died in awful battles to defend freedom. But they are also the ones who came back and perpetuated the older ideas of incompetent Women, inferior Colored Folks, and Ungodly gays and atheists.

    My Dad and his brother were rejected for service in WWII, so they built submarines (which was arguably harder daily work), and they came out of that experience considering everyone who wasn't American as "trash". I struggled with that as I grew up.

    Dad was an engineer and could fix anything in the house. A practical talent not to be ignored, to be sure. But he had no sense of history (rather like Donald Trump) and not much of anything else either. I have no idea what my Mom (who apparently co-majored in Drama and Physical Therapy) saw in him. I suppose it was that her father was a really good tailor but utterly inept about practical household matters. So Dad fixed all the light switches and repaired the appliances and Mom that that was the best guy in the world...

    I inherited Mom's (repressed) social intincts and Dad's practicality. I thought Dad was nearly insane about most political issues and he thought I was a Commie. Sort of like Archie Bunker and "Meathead".

    But I knew I was leaving for college in a few years, so I shut up about things. I needed the college money.

    Mom and Dad used to visit me 2x a year. I was a convenient stop on their way to FL and back to NH. Every visit, we would get into some argument about historical facts. Every time, I pulled out my encyclopedia (pre-1995) and looked up stuff on the internet after that. He was ALWAYS wrong. And (like Trump) it never bothered him in the least. The next time, he would argue against me with equal confidence that he was right, and never understand that I was always right when it came to facts. He never knew any (outside of engineering - which I seldom argued about) and I never argued about anything for which I did not know the facts.

    I would bet that his last thought (like Trump's will be someday) I was the smartest person in the world and everyone else were idiots...

  10. wunderin az catz will due bee coz we canna take any mor polly tik $hitz.....if ya taked a cone outside say in arizona...say long til it melted.....


  11. Crazy isn't it--Trump doesn't even seem to like Canada! Who doesn't like Canada!?

  12. The world scares us, that's for sure. We hope our country gets better soon.