Friday, January 23, 2015

It's Time Once Again For Noodle's Sticky Paws And Hairballs vs. Fuzzy Hugs And Kitty Kisses...

Sometimes life is a balancing act... you have to weigh the hype with the truth...

And speaking of hype and truth, did you see Ted Cruz's response to the State of the Union Address? You really need to see this!; Do I really need to say it? Give that man a sticky paw!

Next, a great big sticky paw to the Department of Children's Health and Welfare in Maryland;
Last week we heard about parents in Maryland who are being investigated by the Department of Children's Health and Welfare. Why? Because their kids were walking home from the park by themselves...ummmm excuse me but do you really think the strangers that called the police to report this heinous act  would be very concerned if those same kids had their school lunches taken away due to budget cuts? Or if they were black and were shot at because one of them was carrying a water pistol?  You have certain cable "news" commentators and radio personalities piling on to say "yes", of course the parents should have their children ripped from there home and traumatized all because they were doing something we have all done as kids and that my friends is mostly when ( and you can check the statistics ) crime was much higher than it is now.
We have become so enmeshed  in our concerns with other people's lives and we have determined that we are the ones who know best. But only peripherally! Please don't ask us to get involved in any meaningful way. But be aware, if you have something to say about me or my family I will scream that you are trampling my FREEDOM as loud as I can from the rooftops so....
Could we maybe just ratchet down the drama we seem to thrive on so much,  just a little bit? And maybe take a look at our own kids and selves before we go throwing stones at others.

A gigantic sticky paw to FOX NEWS...okay I admit we aren't fans but still. Don't make sh*t up!
and no, apologizing after the fact, doesn't cut it.

And on that note a super big hairy hairball to Bobby Jindal who it appears did NOT get the memo?

And now for something cat related...

Noodle was thinking the other day about some of the stuff cats hate, here is a partial list;

1. when people put things around their necks (bells, bows etc.)
2. loud noises
3. sudden movements by anything bigger than the cat
4. being petted in the wrong direction
5. competition ( other small animals, babies, pretty much anything really )
6. being told how fat they have gotten...

What is your pet's peeve?

And for all of you who skip the sticky paws looking for the good stuff (you know who you are...)
a super sloppy kitty kiss to the one and only Jimmy Fallon;

Have a great weekend!

Noodle and crew


  1. Loud noises is our pet hate for sure. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. OMC! I can’t even go to those links cos I already hate those guys so much. Don’t rip away their guns but rip away other’s kids. They call themselves Christians too. Pfftttt!

    I don’t like getting forced to eat gut rot cos it’s grain-free and “good for me.” I don’t like being ignored when I want to play and petted when I want to sleep. Most of all,I don’t like the flashy box going off in my face.

  3. I sure hope you get all those stickies off your paws Noodle! I liked your like of things we don't!

  4. I had a blog up on the dangers of psychiatrists. I took it down because it was raw truth I could relate to but other people might not. Life is a school of learning and so when I talk it is not to criticize but to expose the dangers to beware of. With my own kids I had problems with speed reading and psychiatrists telling people they can't sleep with their child (when half the world does) and the spanking laws. Then they take your good kids to school and pressure groups destroy them.
    Luckily I had good kids but so many got lost in the system,and if they got into the hands of authorities and psychiatrists, they would be lucky to be ever normal again.
    So to me a parent who loves the child, should be the one to discipline even if it requires a spanking. At least it is a spanking done with love in mind. lol
    Here in BC, when kids are caught doing bad things and the police pick them up and take them home... one mother asked them where they picked her son up and told them to take him back there. Police find it hard to deal with parents like that
    and then you wonder why kids are the way they are.

  5. Noodle, most of these things make my head hurt! I guess my peeve is the way way too many humans behave, or misbehave.

  6. My cats have lots of ppeeves, but number 1 is getting their nails trimmed.

  7. WooHoo sumpawdy speaks out against da king. Um me means da purresident. Ha. And meez pet peeve is a dirty pawdee box. As soon as sumfin's init, me finks mommy shuld flush it. After all she flushes da hooman pawdee box as soon as she finishes wight? wight.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  8. Noodle, I may be weird, but I actually like being petted in the wrong direction. ~Ernie

  9. Noodle, you are spot on with the things cats don't like.

  10. BURDZ.......plane & simpull......BURDZ ♥♥♥

  11. My cat really had a problem with competition. Otherwise, he was fine :)