Saturday, March 12, 2016

Plausible Deniability...

Descending into chaos...

Donald Trump  loves the Bible.
He has told thousands of people.
Maybe he just hasn't read the part that says  violence begets violence...

Within the past week the violence has gotten worse;

As Mr. Trump denies any responsibility for the escalating violent tone of his rallies,
the proof has been recorded time and time again for anyone who chooses to see the truth;

And then last night in Chicago...

And thus the plausible deniability begins.

The Trump camp and it's supporters stand firm in their use of violence citing the protesters as the
problem. "they yelled, , they interrupted, they're rude" I 'd like to point out that, that  is protesting and it has been an accepted part of our politics through out history.

Trump supporters say of protesters, "they are infringing on our freedom" but there's that pesky little first amendment and unfortunately it applies to everybody.
There is no subjective freedom of speech rule.
Freedom of speech is freedom of speech, period!

Whether you are a pro life advocate who under the first amendment has the right to hold signs and yell and disrupt women entering medical clinics in Texas or a black lives matter supporter who disrupts a Trump rally in Chicago. The first amendment applies to EVERYONE.

Mr. Trump told reporters how sad it is that you can't hold rallies in big cities anymore because of these protesters who are bad people who are destroying this country.
Isn't it interesting that Bernie Sanders has larger crowds than Trump but there is no violence at his rallies? There hasn't been reports of violence at any other candidates rallies, so.....

If Mr. Trump can not take control of his own rallies how is he going to lead the country?
How is he going to deal with other world leaders?

These images are playing out on televisions and the internet all over the world.
Everyone is watching what we as a country do next.

Something to think about...

Have a great weekend!

Noodle and crew



  1. You make some valid points there Noodle! Have a happy weekend!

  2. This country was built on dissent and protest. What do they call the original BostonTea Party. It was a form of protest. Still there are Trump supporters crying how their rights have been trampled on but I think the First Amendment stops short of protecting someone's right to incite riots.

  3. It is time we cats going to rule the world and hiss Trump back to his full importance :D Pawkisses for a Happy Sunday :) <3

  4. Seen from Switzerland, when we heard some samples of Trump's and Rubio's speeches to attack each other, we felt like we were in a school playground. They want to be the president ? Really ? Good luck, America. Purrs

  5. We've been hearing stories of non-Trump supporters going to Trump rallies and are not acting out or causing problems, but sitting and listening, and they are berated by the Trump supporters. Trump is fueling the fire and cod help us all if he gets elected.

  6. Good point about Sanders having peaceful rallies versus Trumps. You are a wise kitty, I would vote for you.

  7. While I have no use for Trump, his opinions, or his demogoguery, I have to point out that Trump's rallies are private meetings and not public forums. The Freedom of Speech guaranteed in the Constitution does not apply in private meetings. ~ Mark

  8. I don't live in the US, but I'm must say I'm appalled at Trump's speech.

  9. Yup, something very serious to think about, for sure. Purrs, Seville.