Friday, March 25, 2016

Some Music For The Weekend...


We want to take this opportunity to say Happy Birthday to Aretha Franklin and Elton John.
These two have contributed so much to the sound track of our lives!

First up, Miss Aretha Franklin;

Now for a bit of the great Sir Elton John;

And lastly, with so much going on in the world this last week what with terror attacks and political division. With so much anger and fear we would like to leave you with a little hope...
so take a look at this amazing video;

Have a musical weekend!

Noodle and crew


  1. Grate songss an video Noodle thee Katt!! Sumtimess this werld reelly scares mee. At leest mee iss safe with LadyMum....
    Stay safe there Noodle....
    ~~head rubsss~~ Siddhartha Henry~~

  2. Thank you for that video. May we all have a weekend of peace.

  3. Two esteemed artists! Happy celebration weekend to you all!

  4. Thanks Noodle for stopping by and purring fur Silvia and her Kitties... and especially thanks for THINK-ing about Aretha Franklin! the Mom loves dat song... Happy Weekend full of purrz and mewracles... -Katie Kitty Too.

  5. We like the music Noodle! Have a super happy weekend!!!

  6. Happy Easter sweet Noodle. May it be a peaceful day for all.

  7. If only everybuddy listened to music like that of Aretha and Elton, the world would be a better place. Happy Easter, Noodle

  8. It was a special day that brought them both to us...

    Happy Easter to you. May the Bunny visit with good things!

  9. Oh Noodle you look so gawjus. yous fur is so velvety lookin'. Hope you had a blest Easter.

    Luv ya'