Wednesday, December 3, 2014

 A Very UnWordless Wednesday!

What do the tea party and the Republican party not have in common? Sounds like the first line of a great joke right?, many tea partiers really like the idea of being able to create their own energy and not having to pay a third party so much for it. Err go many are in favor of solar panels and wind power. The rank and file Repubs on the other hand are very indebted and beholden to the big energy companies who have backed them and donated money to many of their campaigns...therein lies the problem.
The big energy companies like Koch and Duke, want to see solar and wind energy stopped dead in its tracks or at the very least have fines placed on its use. The faction that consists of tea party types as well as libertarians want to take advantage of the solar boom and save a little money causing even more friction within the Republican party. That makes states like Arizona, Oklahoma, Kentucky and Florida who all have legislation in play interesting to watch these days as many of their elected officials legislate in favor of the Corporations and against the best interests of their constituents. Ah, Democracy...
Next up, we just have to give a great big fuzzy hug to Michele Bachmann...I know, who knew right?

That brings us to; Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi! The patent war cry of the right has lost a lot of its steam after a ridiculous number of reports that all exonerate the President and Hillary Clinton et all. Even one they organized and chaired themselves! But that apparently is just not good enough for Lindsey Graham;

And of course we would be remiss if we didn't have a little something for the cats (and dogs of course); 
And not to leave out the conservative pets;
And if that weren't about Jimmy Fallon and Brad Pitt?
Last but not at all least... music. A little something to get you into the holiday spirit;  ( From the Academy Awards for best song, Believe; from The Polar Express.)
Have a great Wednesday!
Noodle and crew 


  1. Good point.....big business runs us not our politicians who are just puppets. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. You are always on top of things Noodle, bravo!

  3. So true . We elect government who is not the one making the decisions. lol
    So as usual, power lies in the hands of the people. People make the difference.
    People have to make the incentives to use environmentally friendly products.
    People have to grow their own food in back yard gardens and hot houses.
    People have to make sure they drink clean water.
    Lots of jobs out there for people who want to do the right thing.
    The electric cars have been in existence since the beginning of the gas cars but the oil companies buy out the ideas. So don't be bought out and do your thing.

  4. Noodle are you a college professor or just naturally a genius? We can always count on you to let us know who's being a turd and who's being nip worthy! 💜

  5. Up here in Canada, sunshine is free. Thank goodness no one is tryin' to fine me for sunpuddle use. MOUSES!


  6. We would LOVE to have more solar power. Coal won't last forever!

  7. noodle...sum times word less wednesday hasta haz werds just like R non fish fax fryday iz on thursday N rare lee talks fish !! ♥

  8. We appreciate your spin on the political issues, Noodle.

    And we loved the Jimmy Fallon/Brad Pitt video!

  9. Noodle asked me to stop by and tell you that you need to put up a pretty tree.