Saturday, January 30, 2016

                       A Tale Of Two Republican Governors...

Although we are not impressed by much of what is said and done by those in the Republican party these days, we were impressed with Nikki Haley's reply to the Presidents State Of The Union address on January 12th.
Even though we don't agree with much of what she said, what stuck us was the dignity and passion with which she said it and her ability to critique her own parties actions.
We had noticed this once before right after the shootings in South Carolina and Ms.Haley's heart felt and emotional comments in the aftermath;
as well as her undeterred determination to remove the confederate battle flag in such a timely fashion. She didn't wait and make excuses but had the flag removed very soon after.
Her comments in the Republican reply after the SOTU where actually pretty gutsy in this political climate.
And then there is Sarah Palin...

One time Governor of Alaska who never finished her first term ( and to this day no one knows why...)
Bombastic, ill spoken, shrill. She drags tons of personal baggage along where ever she goes and gladly lets it seep into the political conversation.
At this point we were honestly surprised that even Donald Trump would think it a good decision to dust her off and pull her back into the spotlight!
But there she was for all to see. Ranting and raving about God only knows what...
and now she seems to have disappeared just as mysteriously as she emerged.
But not before the great Tina Fey had a crack at least one last impersonation;

So there you have it; one is classy and the other trashy...they seem kind of a fitting metaphor of the Republican party these days...

Have a great weekend.

Noodle and crew


  1. She is one smart cookie. She resigned because she knew there was money to be made and she needed to strike while the iron was hot. Let's face it...she was virtually unknown outside Alaska before Senator McCain tapped her as his running mate (and ruined his chances of ever being elected President...IMHO). Among other things, I don't think she would have had a reality show if she had remained Governor. Even her family benefited. Dancing With The Stars comes to mind. She and her family are set for life now.

  2. That's our Gov Noodle. She just adopted a dog, not a cat. Oh well. Hey, that Tina Fey is such a funny lady!

  3. You sure look comfy gawjus. What a sunpuddle you have. Enjoy yous nap and have a blest day.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  4. We saw the recent Tina Fey was funny! And too real. ;)

  5. Tina Fey does a better Sarah Palin than Sarah Palin.

  6. What a beautiful sun-puddling picture, Noodle :) Pawkisses :) <3

  7. As a conservative, I was a little shocked that Trump decided to take an endorsement from Sarah Palin too. It was a very awkward move. I hope that you enjoyed your sun puddle! :)


    He did it because he simply wants the ratings and he knows she brings them along with her, the two of them don't need to spend any money on media advertising because the main stream media simply can not let them go unrecorded..

  9. We are not Republicans here, but we surely see the difference between Gov Haley and ex-Gov Palin!

  10. Oh yes, I watched that on SNL and have to say... LOVED IT! Yup, loved it, for sure. purrs