Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Here come the locust...

We're calling this weird Wednesday!
Kind of like freaky Friday...
We're posting our weekend post today and on the weekend doing what would be wordless Wednesday.
Why you ask?
Just to keep you on your toes...

So, Hurricane Harvey and now Irma the largest most devastating hurricane on record in the Atlantic.

Thousands of acres of wildfires through out California, Oregon, Montana and Idaho to name a few.

An 8 point plus earthquake in Mexico

40 days and forty nights and then some of rain...

It all feels a little too apocalyptic for comfort.
Any minute I expect to look out the window and see hoards of locust filling the sky!

You may be asking your self, "why is all this devastation and doom taking place?"

With Thanksgiving right around the corner we thought this might  be a good time for we as a society to do a little self introspection,

They say what goes around comes around , you reap what you sow, you get what you give,

Simply put; pay back's a bitch!

We've gutted the planet to suck out every drop of oil we can.
We've ignored or dismissed global warming/climate change.
We've used the oceans as our own personal garbage cans.

Let's face it we've treated the planet that we call home like one giant toilet .
Can we really blame Mother Nature for being just a little ticked off?

We live in Seattle.
People here like to say how beautiful it is, how green and lush.
There's the Pacific Ocean and the mountains and the forests...
We're very progressive
A couple weeks ago the moon was full, it was also red!
Shrouded in smoky brown pollution from wildfires burning on the other side of those mountains.

It is easy to pass these events off as one time things and go about our business and wonder why at times it seem like the sky is falling.
When one of these events occurs we seem perfectly content to throw a telethon, donate a few dollars and light a candle for a day or two.
Then we pat ourselves on the back knowing we've done something.

Let me introduce you to someone who's actually done something;

Meet Xiuhtezcatl Martinez who started
He became an activist at the wise old age of six.
Yes six...

Now tell me again why you aren't doing something to help. Go ahead I dare you.

Have a great Wednesday...

Noodle and crew


  1. Hari OM
    What an impressive young man! Having been involved in activism and even taking a political stance (heady and testing days!) one is grateful that there others with more energy and charisma ready to take up the mantel. Having stood up in younger years, it also has to be said that stamina, rhinoceros skin and solid support are required. It has to be acknowledged that there are few who can make the commitment of direct action as it requires sacrifice on one or more levels. Majority human beings seem unable to do this; and it has become a thing of the 21st century to light a candle and throw a few dollars. The sad thing is, that is not even done with genuine and caring intent very often, but from a need to salve a conscience or for other small personal gain of sorts. One can be seen on social media, mourning.

    It is not that we ought not to gather together and support at these times, but it is also now so regular an occurrence that as species we ought to be NOT caught off guard and should certainly be more involved in adapting, rather than holding out our hands... and it comes down to each as an individual taking action - proper garbage processing, appropriate usage of utilities and such... oh one could go on. ... YAM xx

  2. noodle.....we hope ta cod de fires out yur way stay outta yur way...N knot ta get all religious N stuff...but we haz said all a long for sum manee yeerz....God's tryin ta tell uz sumthin; doez any one wanna listen ?????


  3. Yes, he's an impressive dude, even if my Dad is jealous of all that hair! We do love our Earth and I just don't know what we would do without it.

  4. I saw this young man on Real Time with Bill Maher. What an amazing, well-spoken and thoughtful teenager. Maybe his generation can save us from our inevitable doom. I want to read his book, WE RISE. Noodle, I always rely on you to tell it like it is! These are not random occurrences!

  5. WOW! Is that 6 in cat years or human?? Either way very impressive

  6. We so do need to be thankful for what we have and not worry about what we don't have.The earth is just so important.Sounds like that human has his act together.

  7. It does feel acopalyptic. So sweet that someone so young is helping. We all need to be part of the solution-or we are part of the problem. I forgot whose quote that is.

  8. We wish people would take better care of our planet. What's happening is so scary!

  9. The world is crazy... It's time for all humans to do something. Purrs