Friday, September 15, 2017




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Everyone was so surprised when Mr. Trump met with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, ( now known as " Chuck and Nancy") about what apparently everyone thought was going to be a long arduous discussion about the debt ceiling and Hurricane Harvey aid.

The media and Republicans where shocked that Trump accepted the very first offer thrown out by the dems, as-is!

They were all so surprised.


Maybe I'm crazy but I wasn't surprised at all.

For the last several weeks Trump has been berating and huffing and puffing about how his party didn't pass repeal of Obama Care and didn't stop the investigation into Russia. He called Jeff Sessions an idiot for recusing himself.

He goes on and on about how those in his party "aren't nice to him" and they "don't have his back" with the Mueller investigation.

Donald Trump is not one to just blow hot air when it comes to retribution.

This deal was total payback, period.

He's giving a big middle finger to the GOP.

Letting them know in no uncertain terms, play ball with me or this is what I will do,
because I can.

This is the one thing Donald Trump is very good at, revenge.

Don't get mad, get even...

Of course now several days later, the story is that there is no deal.

It was only a discussion about a deal.

And to be perfectly honest did anyone really think Trump would keep his word?

Let's face it he does have quite the history of lying changing his mind.

If I were the Democrats or the Republicans I'd be on my guard.

That little twinge you feel between your shoulder blades just might be a knife in your back.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Noodle and crew


  1. Hari OM
    ...and his tweets about yesterday's event in London added to his list of idiocy. When is someone going to do something about him? YAM xx

  2. He just doesn't want to play nice, Noodle.

  3. Politicians sure are an unusual breed, there's no understanding them Noodle!

  4. Politicians really could learn a lot from cats. You are a cutie :)

  5. noodle....therz knot a D thing come inn outta pol leez tix we bee leeve; trooth....

    N yur wee kitteh fotoz awesum !! ☺☺♥♥

  6. Great post! Wish we would have said that ourselfs, MOL! Trump gets weirder and does stuff opposite his supporters want and they just support him more!